Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Today I recieved the following email from Laura. It's a sad story, but it makes me really happy that I did something to try to prevent Logan Movers from scamming others. If you missed it, you can read my post about my horrific moving experience here.

While I didn't prevent the whole scam, it could have been worse for her. Here is the sad, unedited email from Laura:

* * *
Hi Cathy,

I am very upset that I didn't find your site until now, however, I am so
thankful for finding it when I did or all might have been lost.

Today my roomie and I used Logan Movers to move out of our apartment. When
we spoke to Gary, the owner and completely useless moron, on Sunday, he
confirmed our move along with the agreement of 15 days storage until our new
apartment was ready. My first warning sign of to how utterly unprofessional
this company is should have been when I called 3 times yesterday to
reconfirm the address and each phone call proceeded with an "I'll call you
back" and "who are you again?" until I finally got a confirmation for a pick
up at 9:30am Tuesday morn.

9:30am came and went..no movers...finally at 11:30am they arrive without a
dolly, ramp or anything to secure our stuff. My roomie calls me in a panic
that she has a bad feeling about these guys and them being responsable for
our stored possessions for 15 days and also stressing out because the new
tenant was moving in at noon (as we were told it shouldn't take more than an
hour and a half to move our stuff out).

When she asked the movers about the location of the storage and insurance
about the moving, neither of them had any idea as to where they were taking
it or if they even had insurance but to talk to the boss. I immediately
googled them (thank god for technology) and that is when I found your site.
Thank you so much or who knows what would have happened to my stuff in the
next 2 weeks! Not only did I find your site, but tons of other complaints
and warnings against these scammers! I quickly arranged for storage with a
reputable company so now they had to move our things to the storage location
(adding another $150 dollars to my quoted price of $200 for the move one way
and free storage)

As I am doing this, they are moving my apartment (it is one bedroom worth of
small furniture)...again they told me 1 and a half hours max 2 hours for the
move. 4 hours later my stuff is in the truck!! After also being helped by
the lovely professional movers that the new tenant had hired who felt sorry
for my roomate who was in hysterical tears after having to experience hours
with the useless, rude and unprofessional Logan Movers. The nice movers also
told her that after they had been in business for 14 years they had never
seen such a pathetic move in their life and this move should have taken an

So now we are packed and off to storage, with my roomate almost
hyperventilating from stress and the moving truck keeps stalling on the
streets (how convenient..it seems as if they will do anything to take up
more time) Upon arriving, they refuse to remove the stuff from the truck
until she pays them $400!! What! We were quoted at 45/hour X 2 hours with
travel time! Where the hell r they getting $400 from even at 45/hour it
would have cost with travel it should have been about $250 max! My roomie
was so emotionally and physically drained (oh, did I mention as well that
she had to move half the stuff out of the truck and into storage along with
another wonderful man who worked at the reputable storage company who saw
how these vultures were treating another human being) that she gave him the
money to be done with it. Oh, and before I forget, she also realized that
thye had broken my wardrobe, 2 mirrors and couch leg.

To sum it all up, for anyone who reads this DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, USE,
ENDORSE OR RECOMMEND LOGAN MOVERS! They are despicable, unprofessional,
rude, abrasive thugs whose owner will get what is coming to him. I am filing
this letter to every consumer watch, newspaper in Toronto and to anyone who
will listen to help and bring these guys down. Word of mouth is a powerful
thing and from what I ahev read, their list of complaints is growing faster
than their customer. Maybe part of this is my fault for not fully
researching their credentials prior and for actually having a little faith
in mankind!

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all the beautiful, honest people who
helped us today and to Cathy for making this site and preventing me from
storing my stuff with this slime! Karma is a great thing...what goes around,
comes around. You give kindness, you get kindness. For LOGAN MOVERS,I don't
even want to think about what karma will give back to you!!


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Anonymous said...

Somebody should hack their website and really screw them over.

Also, put their phone number (a cell phone, no less! DODGY) on every junk mail list in town.