Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Black Chandelier
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I bought the damn lights.

I probably bought the wrong ones.

I have a black simple chandelier for the dining area. I have a lantern-style ceiling fixture for the front hall entryway. I have a matching lantern-style wall sconce for the stairwell.

Not hugely bad prices, but not as cheap as IKEA. Let's face it, we all have to stop the IKEA thing at some point in our lives, don't we?

Today was my day to kick the habit.

And my house? No further along.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Light shopping

Shopping is supposed to be fun.

It's like the definition of shopping, isn't it?

Not so with lighting shopping. Today, I researched lighting stores and discovered a whole STREET of lighting stores. I found one called Universal Lighting that is clearly the place to go. Only problem? Too much choice.

Now if you know me, you'll know that that's not usually a complaint that I would make. In this case, however, I'm lost.

I need someone who :
a) Cares
b) Has good taste and good design sense
c) Knows my house

And they need to make a decision. Not me. I care. But I really have no idea what light fixtures belong in my house.

So what do we think of this "hurricane lantern" for my entrance hall? Don't know? Well, join the club!

And this is just one of the three lights that I have to pick out. Do some research and email me to let me know what lights I should get for my dining room, my entrance hallway and my stairway/hallway. I'll let you know if you win.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tropical Paradise

Well, what can you say about a tropical paradise?

Clearly, it was beautiful. The sun shone a lot. There was a little bit of rain every day, if that makes you feel better. Also, I was sick the first day.

But I still returned with a tan. Everyone keeps stopping me: "dude - where WERE you? You are DARK!"

I didn't burn. I still love my boyfriend. (Maybe even more than before?) I know a LOT more about his brother. I snorkeled. I shopped. I wore a sarong and bikini a lot. I bought some stuff. I drank rum punch. I swam in the ocean. I was knocked down by some crazy waves. I got a LOT of mosquito bites. I ate some good food. I ate some meh food. I was married for an afternoon. I saw some crabs. I met some interesting people. I saw some lovely sites.

I want to go back.
Now. (I'm homeless anyway: might as well go back.)

I'm not SO upset about buying a timeshare afterall.

See more photos of the trip here >>

Saturday, December 06, 2008

St. Maarten

St. Maarten
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So this is where I am this week.

St. Maarten. The beach, more specifically. My timeshare.

We looked at the forecast and it looks like it's supposed to be about 28 degrees every day. Tough one, but I'll manage.

Things I'm looking forward to:
* not working
* not thinking about the house
* sun
* snorkeling
* reading

I can already feel my shoulders dropping away from my ears as the stress begins to melt in anticipation.

Sometimes a timeshare forces you to take time to relax. It couldn't have come at a better time.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pick my kitchen handles

lee valley
OK, seriously, how many decisions can one person be expected make?

So, I've got my kitchen cupboard handles narrowed down.
I know, they're pretty much the same. And one is cheaper than the other. But here's your chance to make a difference. In my kitchen. I'm sure your choice will change the world forever.

Monday, December 01, 2008


So the electrical inspector isn't really playing to my tune.

He doesn't really care about my schedule and has given us his apparently EARLIEST appointment: Wednesday morning. Ya, I was supposed to move IN on Wednesday night. And while it may sound perfect, consider this domino effect:
  • we can't put in floors until after the drywall
  • we can't close up the walls (drywall) until after the electrical is inspected
Nevermind the whole CLEANING up part. And trust me, there is a LOT of clean-up.

I was of course visiting on the weekend. I think maybe I shouldn't have gone. I had a minor heart attack... or maybe a panic attack. At the very minimum, some buyer's remorse.
  • Water by the back door - I HOPE caused by the melting (now rotten/reeking) fridge/freezer food and not some leaking disaster sliding door
  • An even MORE dropped ceiling in the main rooms
  • A front hall closet that makes the front of the house look SMALL
  • A sloping sub-floor in the kitchen
  • A front hall light switch located on the OTHER side of the wall
  • A support beam leaning precariously half on the concrete of the basement floor and partially suspended in air.
And, wait, was that a water stain on the UPSTAIRS subfloor under the hall skylight? And a CRACK? Dear God, I hope not!

I left in a hurry, fretting all the way home. WHAT have I got myself into?

But I talked to my contractor today and he explained what they're working on and why things are the way they are and really, everything will be FINE.

Fine. They will be FINE. I must keep repeating it. Or I might throw up.

My hardwood floor, though it SAYS it's in-stock at Home Depot, is not actually in stock at ANY store in the GTA. So it's now ordered and will arrive in 3-4 days. So they should be able to get at LEAST the kitchen done before the kitchen has to go in. At least that arrived at Ikea today.

And I'm headed on vacation next week?

I'm leaving it in their hands.
It will be FINE.