Monday, December 29, 2008

Light shopping

Shopping is supposed to be fun.

It's like the definition of shopping, isn't it?

Not so with lighting shopping. Today, I researched lighting stores and discovered a whole STREET of lighting stores. I found one called Universal Lighting that is clearly the place to go. Only problem? Too much choice.

Now if you know me, you'll know that that's not usually a complaint that I would make. In this case, however, I'm lost.

I need someone who :
a) Cares
b) Has good taste and good design sense
c) Knows my house

And they need to make a decision. Not me. I care. But I really have no idea what light fixtures belong in my house.

So what do we think of this "hurricane lantern" for my entrance hall? Don't know? Well, join the club!

And this is just one of the three lights that I have to pick out. Do some research and email me to let me know what lights I should get for my dining room, my entrance hallway and my stairway/hallway. I'll let you know if you win.


Kat said...

You need to give us more details on what all three lights are for. :-) Like the 2 way wall scone thingy you need....

Unknown said...

Right. So:

1. Entrance - not sure of height of ceiling. Checking on that. Guessing 7 ft? Pretty narrow area.

2. Dining - Same ceiling height. Currently I don't have a fancy dining table, but I'm looking for a set. Thinking chandelier style.

3. Stairwell Wall sconce - this is on the wall just as you're going down the stairs. It's also the only light for the hallway above, so needs to light both up and down.

Unknown said...

Correction: 9ft ceilings in the dining and entrance hall.

On the stairs there is 2' width and 16" height.