Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fenced in

It was a rather productive, busy weekend. My favourite kind, really.

Friday was obviously very hectic -- it being the first day back from vacation, afterall. So I tore some hair out but finally got out in time to meet my mom and Marlene at my house. I showed Marlene around, as she hadn't seen my place yet. She appropriately ooh'd and ahh'd. Whether heartfelt or just to make me feel better about all the stupid work, I appreciated it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

MacGregor Point Camping

Oh, Gordon and I and our sunsets; we love 'em.

This photo was taken at Sunset Point at MacGregor Point Provincial Park. We camped there from Monday until Thursday with Gordon's family.

They stayed in yurts; Gordon and I "roughed it" in a huge tent with a blow-up mattress. I struggled though. I was cold the first night before we figured out the right sleeping arrangements. Even after that, I still didn't sleep well. Finally, on our last day, I was hit with a migraine. Boo!

However, before it struck, I went on a couple lovely walks along the shore and through the woods. Gordon and I did a marathon 17k hike. I was very proud of us. We followed that up with a jaunt to the Pitcher Plant marl and then on to Sunset Point, where we took many gorgeous photos.

We were lucky: we were blessed with amazing weather. The raccoons were particularly aggressive, but otherwise, everything was taken care of.

And now back to the daily grind. For a DAY before the weekend lets me have more relaxation. The trick is not to lose the vacation feeling when I'm back in my desk.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

A girl and decadence in the city

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I love a day on my own.

I woke up early. Showered. I made tea. I read - savoured, really - my new magazine. I made banana bread.

I even cleaned and liked it.

Then I hopped on my bike and rode in the warm sunshine to Yorkville, always a favourite of mine in the fall. All the rich people to watch and wonder at. All the decadence there. And today was my day of decadence. Starting with the Stillwater spa.