Friday, March 16, 2012

So there we were, at the top of the world...

Me and my mom at Revelstoke
It's been a week since I was on the slopes in the Rockies.  I suppose I've stopped dreaming about it now. I was just looking through a few of the photos posted and got a bit of heartache.

Vacations are always hard for me to come back from. I suffer from a bit of "but why can't I ALWAYS be on vacation?" And a bit of "why can't I run away from life? It's kind of hard."

So, when I returned from vacation feeling down, I guess I knew why. Don't get me wrong: I wished I didn't feel that way. It's so impractical, afterall. Of course you can't always be on vacation. Of course I need to have a job so that I can actually afford to go skiing. And likely, the very reason I appreciate my vacation so much is that it isn't all the time. It's special. It's called a getaway for a reason. I'm getting away from the usual, every day here.

Our family skiing vacation is pretty amazing though. How often do you hear about grown families spending an entire week together in challenging conditions (no, we don't actually go luxury), and not killing each other? Or at least having some pretty loud difference of opinion? OK, maybe we're just a little bit more quiet and inward, but we really do get along for the most part. A bit of eye rolling and deep breathing about covers the extent of our conflict.