Friday, February 25, 2005

I get so sucked into TV. Good thing I don't have one.

Sex and the City
What Not to Wear
Law and Order


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am such a good internet shopper! I just keep impressing myself.

I'm planning a trip to the Netherlands and Germany in late May/early June, and I'm looking for a flight. I'm on the Air Canada WebSavers email list and keep an eye out for their sales. I'm also on the JetsGo and WestJet mailers (although someone recently told me not to take JetsGo if you can help it - sadly, I just bought my super-cheap flight to Calgary with JetsGo).

Anyway, the AirCanada WebSaver was telling me I could get a pretty good flight price ($678) if I left before May 31st. Cool. But I had to book by the end of today.

So I toddle over to the Flight Centre where I usually go for good prices. What do I get? Crap.

So now it's off to > and search there. Prices look much higher. Looks like AirCanada has a good price, then, hey?

Read the fine print. On Expedia, they include taxes and all the extra costs. AirCanada does not.

So I submit my AirCanada flights and get to the bottom line. MORE expensive by about $20. Then I notice on Expedia that it's telling me if I come back a day earlier, I can pay WAY less! ~Click~

Yep. Air Transat is CHEAPER! And I can wait to book until March 31st. Plus, have you ever been to the Air Transat site? There's this interesting interface that is not on their homepage. >Check it out. Totally love it.
So, my touching email to Tony really hit the mark. (I think he liked the part where I called him an ass.) He called me this morning to let me know that he's engaged. (Shocking.)

And then he sent me their wedding website so that he wouldn't have to tell me all the "boring" details of the proposal, etc.

So I feel a little better.
But at least I got to bad-mouth him on my site.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tony got engaged.

How weird is that? He didn't even tell me. I found out from Scott, whom I stayed with in Melbourne. He's coming all the way from Australia for Tony's engagement party.

I guess I'm not invited to the party, huh?

Odd, that someone I once shared so much with can just... stop caring. Perhaps love does that to you: wraps you up in the tornado of the relationship so that other things slip your mind or seem less important.

Obviously, I am making this all about me. Which is unfair. And selfish. And silly.

I am happy for him. I just feel disappointed that he didn't call or even email to tell me the exciting news.
Home late from work again.

At least I managed to make myself a yummy grilled chicken salad. One of my FAVOURITES!

I can't believe how difficult it is to find time for all the things I want to do at home:

  • cook
  • update my website
  • build my friend's website
  • practice for choir
  • do my stretches
  • read
  • phone my friends and family

    Time just gets away from me. And suddenly I can't remember what day it is or what I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow. Or the rent cheques I have to submit, presents I have to buy, emails I'm supposed to send, life I'm supposed to live, love I'm supposed to feel.

    Time is so precious.
  • Sunday, February 20, 2005

    Today was a day for shopping.

    I went in and wandered. It always relaxes me to go when there aren't that many people and I just touch and try and meander.

    And getting a good deal excites me more than it should.

    So when I walked out of The Bay today with a sweater, 2 shirts and 3 bras, for much less than most would have paid for it, I left with a small pleased smile on my face.

    And tomorrow I may bring back that white t-shirt with the ruffle because it's not really ME. But today, I thought of yesterday with Raye and our trip to Winners. She told me that I have a very definite style that makes her say "yes, that's what Cathy would wear." And while that's not exactly an insult, I thought it was time to try something new.

    I've been feeling like I need a change and while a white t-shirt won't cut it, at least it's better than doing something drastic and short-sighted.

    And besides, I got a great deal on it.

    And I think it's my duty to let the women (and I suppose men, if they're really interested) know that the Bay is having a fantastic sale on last season's Jockey bras. I think I have to go back and get more.

    Saturday, February 19, 2005

    I love it when Raye comes to town.

    She met me at work yesterday so that I actually left on time. That was a big treat that I need to treat myself to more often.

    We hung out at my place, chatted and had a drink before getting all pretty to go out.

    Then we took the TTC downtown. The plan was to go to C'est What? but who knew that it would be so busy on a Friday night? So we wandered over to The Keg just around the block and although their wait was similar, we decided that a big steak dinner was just the decadence we needed. As was the chocolate raspberry martini that I ordered. MMMmm!

    After a lucious dinner (the best part of which was the excellent conversation), we walked over the Paramount theatre to see Constantine. I'll admit, I was a little worried that it would suck.

    It didn't.

    So Raye and I discussed the questions brought up by the movie, we stood in line to tell customer service that there one speaker was broken. And they just gave us free passes, just like that!

    We hopped on the TTC home and caught the LAST bus up Don Mills to my place - what luck! And chatted til we fell asleep.

    And now, while I make banana bread, write emails and do laundry, she's still lying in there, dead to the world. Wish I could do that!

    And here I go to wake her up...

    Thursday, February 17, 2005

    Things that give me pleasure:

  • wandering the SuperStore at night
  • surfing the web
  • crisp clear nights that aren't too cold
  • drinking rich strong coffee and doing nothing at all
  • Wednesday, February 16, 2005

    Was anyone else retarded enough to buy the Skinny brand of corn chips from the special promotion bin at the Great Canadian Superstore?

    Was it only me?

    I was taken in by the lure of a healthy corn chip. I thought it actually meant they were corn chips (you know, like the ones made by Frito-Lay). Not a chance. These are more like savoury corn puffs. And not all that savoury, I might add, even though the package boasts "More Flavour!"

    I keep putting more in my mouth thinking, "no, they must be better than I remember." But they're not.
    This week at choir, we learned a new piece. Although "learn" is a bit of a stretch. I just mouthed the words. As usual.

    But am learning other parts... slowly. Hurrah.

    I need to practice. Except that i don't know how to read music. It's a bit of a problem.

    And then work is crazy. Exciting - I'm about to launch a new portal - but so ridiculously busy right now.

    And then the rest of me feels restless. And irritable. And... something.

    I'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

    Monday, February 14, 2005

    I am in pain.

    Saturday, at Mount St. Louis Moonstone, it was me against the hill. And the hill won.

    I did a total face-plant after getting a little cocky and trying to race my mom.

    Caught an edge and WHAM! It was all a blur. Suddenly I was lying on the snow with my goggles around my neck and my ski halfway up the hill.

    The shock took a moment to wear off. And then the pain set in. Oh, my knee, my elbow, my head! I gingerly reassembled myself and by the time I was finished, I was laughing at my spectacular wipe out.

    I skied the rest of the day (with more care and importance placed on technique rather than speed) quite happily.

    Then I went straight to SportMart to buy a helmet.

    Lesson learned.

    Friday, February 11, 2005

    I keep meaning to do real work when I sit down at my computer, and instead I end up messaging people that are in my own area code (I don't understand - why not just call me?) and reading emails and checking out the costs of flights, updating my Aussie job-emailers, among other time wasters.

    At least it's peaceful in the apartment tonight.

    Tomorrow I go skiing with my mom at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.

    Have I mentioned that they took my ski package off the SportMart site? I guess the deal was too good to last. YAY ME! And my mom bought me some poles for $2.50. Wow.
    Oooh, Blogger updated their comments functionality. Makes it much better. YAY! Now, if I only had people who actually commented...

    First I might try writing about something people actually CARE about and then I'll dis my readers.

    Thursday, February 10, 2005

    The day started badly: wake up at 6am. BOO!
    But I dragged myself out of bed, into the shower, packed extra socks and other warm things, put my brand-new skis and still-boxed bindings into the ski bag, swung my boots over my shoulder and trudged down to meet my colleague downstairs.

    Off we drove, stopping only at Tim Horton's before driving PAST Collingwood and back again before we finally made it to Blue Mountain for the Biogen Idec Snow Express at Blue Mountain.


    The third person on our team had already gone off with another group. So we registered as a team of two, put on the lift ticket, took our Clue and brought my skis over to the sport shop across the street. Well, the only guy in there was busy getting other late-arrivals their rentals. So we waited. And then he wanted to chat. And ask me how/where I got my skis (SportMart) and how much I paid for 'em ($220).

    He was surprised that the package was so cheap and I felt really proud when he told me I was a good shopper.

    Review of my sweet-sweet-skis (Rossignol T-Power Axium Twin Deck) confirms that they're perfect for me:
    This is a ski built to instill confidence that pushes carving performance as far as you want to go. The combination of carving ski and binding create an intuitive and highly stable platform that can take a dedicated and determined beginner to the top of the mountain in a single season.

    So we were an hour late on the slopes. An hour late starting the treasure hunt. Even so, we did alright, but only got to half of the pick-up points in the clue sheet. Then they furnished a lovely lunch during which I probably ate too much and then the Giant Slalom was to begin. I have to be honest: we didn't stay for the Giant Slalom. Well, we weren't going to win or anything. So we just went skiing. It was a beautiful, albeit windy, day.

    And despite our poor performance as skiers - although my skis were clearly the most beautiful on the slopes and everyone was staring in awe at them - we still managed to win Karbon vests and sunscreen.

    Yay Team!

    And now my sun- and wind-burnt eyes will motivate me to check out some goddess-be-damned goggles. And I will find them for cheap online and all will hail me as the online-shopping-goddess too.

    Wednesday, February 09, 2005

    I suspect I may be experiencing PMS. I am restless and just want to curl up on a nice warm couch, hugging a nice warm cozy body, and watch Sexy Spies while eating Lindors.

    Luckily, I have Lindors here.
    Luckily? Or unluckily, as I am about to eat ALL of them.

    So a friend of mine sent me a link to the DivaCup today. What do you think?

  • environmentally friendly
  • cheap in the long run
  • no annoying feminine products to cart around with you
  • don't have to worry about leaking, apparently

  • fear factor
  • has it been tested? will it ever cause something like TSS?

    I want to do the right thing.
    What is the right thing?

  • When Kat sent me home with date squares last weekend, I had no idea I was in for such a treat... as I sit here munching on date squares for breakfast...

    Tuesday, February 08, 2005

    Tonight I saw Da Kind in My Hair with my mom and Marlene, Heather's mom who's in town visiting.

    It was a really interesting show, although I thought they worked a little too hard to pluck your heart strings at times. They did, of course, succeed from time to time. However, the VOICES of those women! Wow, they were like rich and smooth like chocolate. My favourite. I thought the strongest parts of the show were the light tales; they seemed to ring true to me.

    We also ate some yummy dinner at Fred's Not Here/The Red Tomato. My favourite part was, of course, the appetizer. I love coconut shrimp and spring rolls. The winterlicious menu also featured a promising crab and lobster soup that Marlene ordered. Perhaps I should have ordered that as my main? It was tasty (although perhaps too much salt).

    It was nice to get together with Mar and Mom for this; it reminded me of when we were kids and we'd all go out dinner and a show. I used to love the theatre routine that we shared. It was so special.

    I need to go to more theatre; it brings me so much joy.

    Monday, February 07, 2005

    Watched the SuperBowl at Scott and Kat's house last night. And what do I remember? New England won. They made lots of bird-flapping gestures. And, most of all, Scott and Kat have an awesome new toilet!!

    Seriously, you sit HIGH - barely have to bend to sit - it can flush 27 golf balls without getting plugged (don't ask me why they tested golf balls) and it uses like HALF the water of their other toilets! This is a MIRACLE toilet!

    Oh, I also remember that Kat told me to blog more about food. Unfortunately, I'm eating a Michelina's Classic dinner at the moment. Actually, I'm having the Penne Marina with Italian Suasage that my roommate bought me to replace the one(s) he ate. I'd have to say that I'm not all that impressed with it. Although I wasn't too impressed with any of the other flavours that I've tried (all 2 of them). Seriously, if I just kept some cooked noodles in the fridge and poured some bottled sauce over them and zapped it when I wanted a quick meal, it would be far better than this.

    Live 'n' learn.

    From this to Winterlicious tomorrow night at Fred's Not Here.

    I haven't completely stop cooking, though. I just don't often cook at home. Other than the yummy banana bread I made in my beloved bread maker over the weekend (that I left at lucky Alex's place), I make my lunch at work all the time. Today was whole wheat wraps with ripe avocado, cherry tomatoes, old cheddar and alfalfa. MMmm!

    Damn, I wish I had that in front of me right now instead of this sorry-assed cardboard dinner. But I was pass-out hungry so I can't be too choosey.

    Ohmygosh, I bought skis!

    I'm SOOooo excited!
    I got such a great deal and now I'm going on a client ski event and get to show off my new equipment! Oh wait, I don't have poles. Or a helmet. OK, well, I'll figure that out later.

    The important thing right now is that I am a STAR online shopper. I got a ginormous deal (new good skis for the price of second-hand!) and they're delivering hopefully in time. I hope. Think Positive.

    I am a total ski bunny.

    Sunday, February 06, 2005

    Saw a really cool show last night, Close Act, thanks to the City of Toronto. Amazing music and costumes; a total spectacle!

    Saturday, February 05, 2005

    Drinking: Red Rose Tea
    Baking: banana bread
    Listening to: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    Dreaming of: Melbourne
    Reading: email from David
    Plans on this quiet sunny winter day: laundry, groceries, building Anita's website

    It's a good day.

    Happy Birthday Jane!

    I went to Jane's birthday party tonight at Myth. Good food, didn't know anyone but Jane. Left having met some really great, interesting people. Kinda reminded me of travelling. Actually, Jane's boyfriend Chris had travelled in Australia and we'd talked about the comraderie that you had there that can't be found, or even explained, here.

    You sit on the subway or streetcar, or shop at the local store and avoid talking to, or even looking at, those around you. It's a conspiracy of silence and anonymity.

    Not so with travelling -- especially if you go on your own.

    And so, by the end, we were chatting like old friends.
    What I would do to go back to that life...

    Instead, I will remain as I promised myself I would. Tough it out, see how it goes. Then make some sort of decision before I turn 31. Maybe I'll do it all over again.

    In the meantime, it's not so rough really. Not when I have choir practice with Jess and walk the dog with Tree and inspirational seminars with Sarah and ski with Mom, Alex to give me massages and dinners with Jane.

    Speaking of which, I didn't even mention that we went out last week to Baton Rouge and I ate the most amazing greasy rib dinner and Jane literally fought me over the cheque, throwing my credit card across the restaurant. Shocking, really. Then she brought me to Sephora and bought me lots of pampering luxurious goodness. Honestly, I want to EAT the apple cider body wash and shampoo. I salivate everytime I use it.

    Thursday, February 03, 2005

    I went looking for skis tonight and didn't find anything good at the Sport Swap. But I got to see Tree.

    The search for some good 155s continues...

    In more exciting news, my mom had an interior decorator come in and assess her living room. She won the assessment as a prize. So the guy has made all these great suggestions and now we get redo the whole room! Very exciting!

    Wednesday, February 02, 2005

    I managed to finally cook. Apple crisp, baby. Wish I could say it was as good as my mom's apple pie. Alas, she is a master.

    And now I'm looking up skis online while working on my friend's website.

    Anyone wanna sell me some good skis (~155cm) and bindings for about $200? Thanks.

    Tuesday, February 01, 2005

    Just home from Alleycatz where I went to a Swing dancing lesson. It was GREAT fun! (For only $5!)

    However, I'm sad about how much I've lost from when I used to dance in Melbourne. Well, I suppose it HAS been a year...

    Anyway, I left early so that I could get home and eat and catch up on some emails, finally update my site and start looking at another friend's site.

    The weekend was been a blur!

    Friday: went out dancing at the Courthouse

    Saturday: hung out a bit with Alex before taking the Go bus to Richmond Hill to buy myself some ski boots and get picked up by my mom.

    Sunday: skiing at Snow Valley (packed!) and then out for dinner and driven home in time for bed.

    Monday wasn't any better. Work and then choir until late.

    Today's been the first day I've actually spent any time at home since last Wednesday.

    I like being busy, but sometimes it gets a bit crazy!

    I've also started physiotherapy for my wrists. I finally decided that I should get someone to work on them: they haven't improved since I fractured them last autumn.

    And yet I still manage to get in 9 hours at work today!?