Sunday, June 03, 2018

London, Day 2

Today, I took advantage of amazing weather and my proximity to Greenwich, and I took the DLR (docklands light rail) from where I'm staying near Royal Victoria station to Cutty Sark for Maritime Greenwich (that's the full, exhausting name of the stop just on the other side of the Thames). 
I'm quite proud to say that I think I'm getting the hang of the transit system here. But back to the story.

When I arrived, I kind of walked around to get the lay of the land. I decided to step into the National Maritime Museum, not having planned it, but it's free, so I thought I'd just duck in. It was more interesting than I'd thought. Plus, what a gorgeous building!

Saturday, June 02, 2018

London, Day 1

Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Canary Wharf

I arrived in London at 10am... or 5am EST, having slept about two seconds on the plane. It took me a million years to get from Gatwick to The Good Hotel in the Docklands/Canning Town because it was my first time using public transit here and I got some bad advice. Whatever, it worked out well enough.

Since check in is at 3pm and I was there at 2pm, I couldn't check in right away. So I went for coffee and a walk along the water, east. It was not awesome, but now i know. The coffee was from the Coffee Station, a little kiosk at Royal Victoria DLR station. It was good. Not great. But good is good for a picky-pants coffee drinker.

By time I'd gotten settled and organized it was 3:30pm. So I set out on a walk to nearby neighbourhoods: