Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, the renovations have begun!

This weekend, I signed the deal with the contractor. Gulp.

Then I went shopping for hardwoord flooring, tiles, kitchen cupboards, appliances, and lighting.


It's a lot of stuff. It's a lot of money. If you know me, I don't like spending money. I'm very very careful with my money. So I did not like signing that contractor's initial cheque.

However, I'm sure this will all work out. I'm sure that I will have a beautiful house in the end. Check out the flooring type I'm looking at and let me know what you think: Dubeau Presitge series in "Brownie".

Thanks to Sarah for her valuable style and product input. And Gordon and his brother for their "input" as well. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

A friend gave me a happy Monday

Today a friend got me to listen to something I needed to hear. I can't stop listening.

Maybe you need to hear it too? Click here to watch and be uplifted >>

Enjoying the autumn colours

The badlands
I've been having some emotional moments lately.

Saturday I woke up at my usual early time and got up to hang at Starbucks with my London Fog and read the magazine my family had brought me from the Style at Home show (which they'd gone to Friday and thought was quite disappointing). If you've read my blog before, you probably know that this is one of my favourite things to do.

Then I got on my bike and rode down to my new house where I met up with some contractors and such. I had some time inbetween meetings, so I went to one of the local chinese bun shops and picked up an assortment of my favourite things for the princely sum of $2. I rode to the park just up the street and sat on a bench in the sun while I ate. While up there, I started thinking about how much I love my new neighbourhood. And how dearly I want to move in. NOW.

I met up with Gordon at my house, went for a walk and tried to explain my teary moment up there on that hill in that park. I love what my house will be. I love where it is. I love that several neighbours walked up to me while I was sitting out front and introduced themselves and their dogs and kids. I love that I can sit out on my deck in the afternoon sun and there is no one behind me. Just trees. I love that my house will be MINE. It's scary but it will be such a contented moment when I can finally sit down on my favourite orange couch and just enjoy it.

After my appointments were done and I rode my bike back and we had some dinner (seriously, Gordon: pickles and horseradish gravy?) we went to the Yorkdale Indigo to wait for my mom. Since she was late due to traffic, I got to read more home renovation/decor magazines! And when we got home, we ate our favourite local pizzeria panzerottis. Mmm. That was an emotional moment too.

Sunday we (including my parents) met up with Matt, Kendra, Freya and Jen at the Badlands. We hiked around for most of the day although the rock itself was a little overcrowded with tour buses. At some point, we were walking through the sun-dappled forest with the shush-shush of our feet through the crisp yellow leaves and the banter and laughter of my family and my boyfriend cutting through and little Freya making cute faces, dangling from her daddy's BabyBjorn and I thought: how lucky am I?

I am blessed. My life is good.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giving thanks

It has been super hard to keep up with the writing and the updating here and in Facebook.

Here's my attempt at some quick updates and some thanks-giving:
  • I moved my stuff this weekend: thanks to Gordon and Darren and my parents and Jen!
  • It cost me less to move than last time. The truck was only $50. But food for everyone was $150. Still, cheaper than movers. Thanks to U-Haul for being reasonable!
  • My sister Jen is in town for the week! (Hence, the being here for my moving situation.) She is awesome and fun and happy to be home and I love seeing her and hanging out with her.
  • I hung out at my parents' house for Thanksgiving with the whole family. Thanks to Will and Josee for making it home from Ottawa/Pembroke. Thanks to Matt and Kendra for managing to tear themselves away from the mansion cottage with Freya so we could all enjoy her cuteness! Thanks to Josee for getting the Thanksgiving photos up so soon so we can all enjoy them!
  • I am still not living in my house, but comfy at Yonge/St. Clair - thanks to Nina!
  • I am still getting quotes for the renovations on my house. I got quite a few good referrals. Thanks to all those who sent me their treasured contacts!
  • I have drawings for the renovations on my house (which I'd like to post sometime soon but I'm almost afraid of the feedback). Thanks to Bryan!
  • I get to hang out with my boyfriend (yesterday and today). Thanks to Gordon!
Things are pretty good.
Even though my house smells like dog. :)