Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally, the wedding pictures

The only thing I wanted from Jane for my birthday were pictures from her wedding. And so last night, when we had dinner, I got them! I'm so excited. I have put them up on Facebook so if you're a member, you can see them there.

I was very happy with my hair and makeup at this wedding. It's not often that happens, apparently. And I was also impressed that I didn't have to pay for any of it. Jane, gracious and generous to a fault, took care of everything.

I thank her for including me in her big day. She was talking last night about sending out thank-you cards and I told her that I don't need or want one. Really, these photos are enough for me. Just a memory of the day is all I want.

And now she talks about how they will soon start trying for a baby. Amazing how it all happens so quickly. I remember on this weekend that I caught the bouquet because (a) Jane aimed directly for me, (b) There weren't that many girls out there anyway, and (c) All the girls moved away when it was thrown so I had no choice but to hold out my hands and let it drop into them before it fell to the floor.

Marriage is a scary thing, but I love how Jane has embraced it. Just like my friend Anita, whom I also saw this past weekend at my birthday and who is also trying for a baby. And then of course there are Matt and Kendra. These friends of mine are models for me. All of them are quite happy in their marriages and their babies. I'm starting to feel less afraid.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The life and times of a soccer player

Soccer is beautiful
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Sometimes I wonder why I play soccer.

I played soccer for 13 years when I was a kid. I played until it wasn't fun anymore and my doctor told me that I should stop anyway as it was really messing up my body. So I didn't play for years.

This summer, I signed up for a spring and summer recreational team, figuring no great harm would come to me in such a recreational forum.

Today I'm wearing a long skirt so as to artfully cover my full-leg bruise. Only I realized, too late, that when my skirt brushes against my leg, it hurts.

Last week, on Monday, we had a game against a team that was somehow still in the lowest rec league. They clearly were interested in a more competitive game. And a few were a little bit aggressive. I got kicked in the shin. I got kicked through my shin pad so hard that I still have a hug goose egg and the bruise has spread down from just below my knee, down to my ankle. And, as I said, my skirt just brushing against this bruise causes me to grimace.

Last night, after taking off my soccer gear after another game, I found that the imprint of my shin pads was almost permanent in the swollen flesh. I kept my leg elevated on pillows. I got out my ice pack. I placed the ice pack to my leg. And groaned in pain.

I'm sick to my stomach and weak in the knees now just thinking of it.

I finally figured out some ways of placing the ice so that the full weight of it wouldn't be on the bruise. And I moved it around every once in a while, as you're supposed to do. Is it better? No.

I remember another foot injury I had from several weeks ago that made it almost impossible to walk.

So why play soccer?

Because it feels good to run. To kick. To sweat. To see the play happen. To make that beautiful pass.

And you know, I don't really care a lot if we win. (Most real soccer players won't tell you this, but I'm not a "real" soccer player.) I care if I'm involved in the game and get exercise and enjoy being outdoors.

That's the fun of it. Just don't look at me afterwards -- it ain't pretty.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday cake

Birthday cake
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Happy birthday to me! Yesterday, anyway.

So what did I do? I spent much of the day getting ready for my bday party at my house. But I also got Starbucks, although they didn't put the right amount of vanilla in London Fog :( I made sangria and chopped veggies and cleaned the house.

And then we went to Allen's on the Danforth for my bday dinner. We sat on the back patio, which was lovely. I had the burger -- which was sadly overcooked! -- with goat cheese. We went back to my place and drank sangria and played video games and chatted. I had a really nice time.

I loved seeing all my friends (well, all the ones who could come anyway). I really do love my friends -- they're great.

I got a chocolate cake from Val -- thanks Val!

And my mom and my sister called from Calgary to sing HBD very badly as is the fashion in my family. It was particularly horrible.

I slept a very very long time. Woke up today just in time to jump in the shower and head out to another BBQ. And now I'm about to watch a rental movie. And eat heavenly hash ice cream. Luxury.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pedestrian Sundays Kensington Market - Water ! Sunday July 27

Oh oh oh! Who wants to go to Kensington Market's Pedestrian Sunday this weekend?

I have yet to go to one of these. Shame on me! And I call myself an active community member of Toronto?

It's my bday weekend and I'm looking for fun things to do in fun places with fun people. Join me at Allen's on the Danforth on Saturday night and then back at the house for drinks later on. And Wii. And Guitar Hero.

Turning 33 was never more fun!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who loves their migraine medication?

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Ya, I LOVE my migraine medication! At least, I do today. Today it works.

This week has been crazy with the weather changes and storms. And then there was my sleep disturbance. I had a horrible sleep on Monday night when I locked myself out of the place where I was house sitting.

At 11:30pm.
With no shoes on.
No wallet, no phone.

That was after I had already forgotten my keys to MY house where I'd needed to pick up clothes for the next day and had to walk to the house sitting place, then ride to my house and back again. Feed the kitty. Who hissed at me.

I was just about to shower (as I had just come from a soccer game where I'd gotten hoofed in the shin quite painfully and a goose egg was already forming) when I thought that maybe I should put out the recycling. So I did. And locked myself out. It happened that quickly.

I ended up waking up the neighbour to use their phone. Well, the locksmith was very nice, but very expensive and took quite a while as it was quite late.

And then there was all the stuff I had to do before bed... and I was finally in bed around 2am. Only to have to get up that morning at 6am to catch a ride to our company golf tournament. Which was great until the skies opened up on us on the 10th hole. And I'm telling you, I was TOTALLY going to win Longest Drive, Female again this year! Sigh.

Anyway, it was migraine city after that.

And then I took my medication and it was like my head was about 10lbs lighter. Yay for modern medicine!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Home for the birthdays

Well, I'm back at my parents' house to celebrate our July family birthdays: mine and my dad's. Tonight is our first dose of cake once my dad gets home!

My mom picked us up from work and we went out for my favourite meal : Salad King's Islamic noodles! Mmmmm. Then, on the way home in the car, I asked my mom about whether, as young adults, we'd made decisions that she was sure were bad but hadn't said anything about. Sure enough, there were a few. Like that guy I dated when I was in grade 11, for example.

And I thought about the decisions that I made that I regretted. But I realized that I actually DON'T regret them anymore. Even decisions that didn't turn out the way that I'd wanted initially ended up getting me to a place that was really great.

And the same was the case with all of the examples that my mom could come up with. No matter what silly reasons we had for doing something, and whatever stupid thing we rationalized, it always ended up OK. If it was bad, it pushed us harder to do something else. If it was just hard, it made us stronger people.

So all those fears that I have about having kids and having them do stupid stuff and go to hell? Well, no worries. They'll do those stupid things, alright. But they'll learn from them eventually and probably turn out fine. Whew.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer cheats

I don't know how it happens, but it appears that the summer cheats. It goes WAY too fast. I'm already planning my birthday party?! COME ON!

At least I'm taking advantage of the nice weather. We were outside for much of it. I got to see some places and I went to a couple of friends' houses for lovely dinners. It was quite nice.

And this week, I'm house sitting. Fun -- kind of like being in a hotel but free and no one knocks on your door in the morning offering to clean. Well, and no one makes your bed and changes your sheets and towels. But still... it seems a bit decadent.

And I'm going to order IN food. I never do that. Funny how little things like that can get you excited.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer weekends

Bluffer's Park 5
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Oooh do I love beautiful summer weekends! Especially when they mean walking around everywhere when there are all sorts of things going on.

And I think we all know how much I love to do things.

So we walked down through Riverdale Park, across the bridge, through the Don Valley to Distillery where we had lunch.

Then we walked to Harbourfront Centre for the Beats Breaks and Culture festival. Unfortunately, we only got there for the last bit of a band that I didn't love. Oh well. Still entertaining.

And then we walked along the harbour to Ontario Place and the Ex. Walked up to have dinner on Queen St at Squirrly's. Then finally home on the TTC because our feet had had enough.

Next day, we walked to Starbucks and then a few errands and then lunch on the Danforth, near Broadview. Then back to my house. Then TTC'd over to Warden station after grabbing some groceries. Bussed out to Brimley and walked down to Bluffer's Park.

Even on my bike trip with my mom last year, I'd never been there. It was quite busy. But beautiful! We ate our picnic dinner on the rocks you see in this picture as the sun went down.

And then? Well, then we walked back.
Ow my feet.

Damn, did I sleep well!

Did I say I love the summer?