Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday cake

Birthday cake
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Happy birthday to me! Yesterday, anyway.

So what did I do? I spent much of the day getting ready for my bday party at my house. But I also got Starbucks, although they didn't put the right amount of vanilla in London Fog :( I made sangria and chopped veggies and cleaned the house.

And then we went to Allen's on the Danforth for my bday dinner. We sat on the back patio, which was lovely. I had the burger -- which was sadly overcooked! -- with goat cheese. We went back to my place and drank sangria and played video games and chatted. I had a really nice time.

I loved seeing all my friends (well, all the ones who could come anyway). I really do love my friends -- they're great.

I got a chocolate cake from Val -- thanks Val!

And my mom and my sister called from Calgary to sing HBD very badly as is the fashion in my family. It was particularly horrible.

I slept a very very long time. Woke up today just in time to jump in the shower and head out to another BBQ. And now I'm about to watch a rental movie. And eat heavenly hash ice cream. Luxury.

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