Friday, July 18, 2008

Home for the birthdays

Well, I'm back at my parents' house to celebrate our July family birthdays: mine and my dad's. Tonight is our first dose of cake once my dad gets home!

My mom picked us up from work and we went out for my favourite meal : Salad King's Islamic noodles! Mmmmm. Then, on the way home in the car, I asked my mom about whether, as young adults, we'd made decisions that she was sure were bad but hadn't said anything about. Sure enough, there were a few. Like that guy I dated when I was in grade 11, for example.

And I thought about the decisions that I made that I regretted. But I realized that I actually DON'T regret them anymore. Even decisions that didn't turn out the way that I'd wanted initially ended up getting me to a place that was really great.

And the same was the case with all of the examples that my mom could come up with. No matter what silly reasons we had for doing something, and whatever stupid thing we rationalized, it always ended up OK. If it was bad, it pushed us harder to do something else. If it was just hard, it made us stronger people.

So all those fears that I have about having kids and having them do stupid stuff and go to hell? Well, no worries. They'll do those stupid things, alright. But they'll learn from them eventually and probably turn out fine. Whew.

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