Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer weekends

Bluffer's Park 5
Originally uploaded by John Vetterli
Oooh do I love beautiful summer weekends! Especially when they mean walking around everywhere when there are all sorts of things going on.

And I think we all know how much I love to do things.

So we walked down through Riverdale Park, across the bridge, through the Don Valley to Distillery where we had lunch.

Then we walked to Harbourfront Centre for the Beats Breaks and Culture festival. Unfortunately, we only got there for the last bit of a band that I didn't love. Oh well. Still entertaining.

And then we walked along the harbour to Ontario Place and the Ex. Walked up to have dinner on Queen St at Squirrly's. Then finally home on the TTC because our feet had had enough.

Next day, we walked to Starbucks and then a few errands and then lunch on the Danforth, near Broadview. Then back to my house. Then TTC'd over to Warden station after grabbing some groceries. Bussed out to Brimley and walked down to Bluffer's Park.

Even on my bike trip with my mom last year, I'd never been there. It was quite busy. But beautiful! We ate our picnic dinner on the rocks you see in this picture as the sun went down.

And then? Well, then we walked back.
Ow my feet.

Damn, did I sleep well!

Did I say I love the summer?


Kat said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

When are you going to walk out to O-town to meet baby Cameron?

Unknown said...

Hopefully soon! OMG, I can't believe I haven't seen her yet. To be fair, I got the feeling from Scott that it would be best for us to wait a while so that you guys could stop pulling your hair out before feeling that you had to entertain. So then I offered to make dinner and he thought maybe then it would be OK ;)

Mike wanted to come out as well. I should check to see if/when he's available and since he's never available, I'll then make plans with Gordon to come on the Go Train ;)