Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wedding thank you's

I finally ordered the photos for my thank you cards. Then realized I didn't have enough thank you cards and made some. This stuff is addictive. Next, I'm thinking photo books! By the time I'm done, you MIGHT receive your thank you card before the new year. It's not likely though. Seriously. So you might as well take a look at this card until you get your own.

It's not that we're not thankful. WE ARE! But I have been ridiculously busy (and it's American Thanksgiving this weekend!) and put this one off to reduce the stress. Now I'm all embarrassed by how long it's taken me. Really, I'd given this task to someone else, but they figured out how to give it back to me. HRUMPH.

Classic Frame Thank You 3x5 folded card
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is this the honeymoon period?

It's funny sometimes when people talk to me wistfully about the "honeymoon period" that I'm apparently going through right now.

I think our WEDDING was the honeymoon period. It was the best and I look back on it and try to internalize that feeling of happiness and already it feels like it is a million years ago and I haven't even gotten the thank-you cards out yet. I think meeting and falling in love was the honeymoon period.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mac & Cheese and Sick Days

Macaroni and Cheese
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I'm sitting in my chair. At home. Reading about Mac and Cheese.

I'm sick. My body aches and feels heavy. But one can only sleep so long. At least, I can only sleep so long. So I'm up and brain-dead in a quiet house with the clicking of my laptop keys.

I wonder, vaguely, why I'm looking up mac & cheese recipes. Although, really, why wouldn't I? Wouldn't everyone if they had the time in their day? But I'm not going to make it today. I just want to salivate, apparently. It all started when I went to to look up a way to use up the open bottles of red wine that I won't drink. And there was the ad: Chuck's Favourite Macaroni and Cheese. It looked like heaven. I wanted Chuck to come over and make it for me. Immediately.