Saturday, January 31, 2004

This just in from Kendra:
"i think you should kick jaap in the box for going to middle earth without you. jerk. is he stupid?

have i mentioned that i am jealous of your travelling? well, i am. and it's not very considerate of you to show off like this all over the internet."
Rafting on the Shotover River was outstanding! We saw the spot where Aragorn was tossed over the cliff in the Two Towers, after the warg-battle. It's in a place called Skipper's Canyon. It's a gorgeous canyon and rafting the grade four rapids was excellent fun! I got soaked and almost fell out, but managed to save myself with my superb rafting technique.

Jaap, on the other hand, was deemed "best splasher." Enough said.

We then had a short walk through the Queenstown markets. I didn't even buy anything! Yay me!

After a quick lunch on the sun-drenched patio of our hostel, we took off for Glenorchy and Paradise, where we went 4WDing in Jaap's non-4WD vehicle. I managed to get a couple shots of Lothlorien and the Misty Mountains while there, which was gorgeous. We even stopped off at Twelve-Mile Delta to see the Ithilien Camp. The drive in this area is amazing. Mountains, lake, trees... wow.

Finally, we trucked off in the opposite direction from Queenstown to check out the Kawarau River Bungy Bridge. The Kawarau is also known as the Anduin. And you can tell. The water is the same shocking turquoise. We're going back tomorrow so that I can take a photo of the Argonath site.

And then we're leaving Queenstown and heading to Wanaka and Mount Aspiring National Park, a World Heritage site.
Hi everyone

The story happend a week ago.

I have been jinxed by two girls from Essex!!!!!

The story goes like this : i drove from Rotoura to Wellington after saying goodby to my friends from Austria. Nothing happens on the way. It was a nice drive.

So i stayed in a hostel for one night and met two girls from Essex (GBR). They also wanne go to Christchurch, so i invited them to come with me.

We had the boat at 8 o'clock, so we had to leave around 6:30. We checked out on time and then the shit happend. The car was blocked by another car but there was an tag in front of the window. It says that they were sleeping in tent U. So we went looking for tent U but didn't found it. Also some tents were down because of the storm. So we waked everybody up in the campsite but the owner wasn't there. We found him in the commenroom sleeping. He wasn't really happy but he removed his car.

Then we were on our way to the ferry. We checked in on time,but were waiting on to get onboard. Then a man said to us that the boat was cancelled. We had to wait for a while and maybe there was space on the 9:30 ferry. NOT.
After three hours of waiting we were asked to get in the terminal. There they told us that we could go with another company. We had to get our money back. But when it was our turn they were over there limit of giving back money.
But after 15 minutes we could use our ticket for the other company. Thank God !!!!!!.

Our new ferry was leaving at 1 o'clock. We had to wait for another couple of hours. But in the end we were on our way. The trip was really stormy so people get seasick.
I almost felt that I was on the TITANIC !!!!!!!! I almost imagine I saw Icebergs !!!!!!

After 4 hours on the boat were finally in the car to get to Christchurch.
After we get some food from the supermarket my meters and the dashboardlight didn't work anymore. I thought : no worries mate!! It's going be fine. But after 30 minutes the radio was going down and after that the car was brokedown.

I opened the bonnet and already a car stopped to help me. The guy was a Kiwi.
He towed us to Kaikoura that was like 50 km away. But we made it again.

The next day I went to a mechanic to have a look at the car. I thaugt that the alternator was broke, but the fuse was broke. That was why the alternator didn't functioned anymore. After that he put in a new fuse in the car. The car was working again properly. I drove 5 minutes and the fuse was broke again. Back to the garage and have a look again. Nothing !!!!!!

I drove again and the fuse broke again when I reversed. So we went looking again. Nothing to find !!!!!!

I reversed again and nothing happend !!!!!.

Stupid car !!!!

We didn't stayed there to fix the car but we went off again to Christchurch. We maded it without any problem.

I say the girls have jinxed me and the car.


Friday, January 30, 2004

Well, the JetBoating was cool for about 5 minutes. The 360s were kinda cool and almost running into stuff was cool. But then it was the same thing over and over. I talked to a girl who's been on all 3 and she says that the Shotover River is better than the Kawarau in terms of exciting. So at least we're going rafting on it tomorrow. Early. Which means I'd better get myself to bed!

Did the Time Walk on Queenstown Hill. It was nice, but a little cloudy. Jaap went mountain biking to Deer Park without me! I can't believe he did that when he KNEW I wanted to go there to see the Lord of the Rings filming location! Well, so I tried to poison him with dinner tonight. I wonder if it worked...

Off to bed.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Today, Jaap and I are going JetBoating on the Kuwarau River. This is the location of the filming for the Argonath (Anduin, The Great River) in Lord of the Rings.
I have just created a new user account for Jaap, so that he can start blogging and telling you stories from HIS point of view. English is his second language, so try to make fun of him as much as possible.
Thanks Cath for your cooperation for me to write on your fabulous Website.
Now I can practising my English writing and you can see something from a mans view.

I had a really funny story about my cartrouble but Cath read it and thruw it away. But I will get the story back in a couple of days and than you can read a really funny story. Cathy is a good writer but she doesn't makes funny story's.



ps. Every comment is welcome about my english
Today I forded the Fords of Bruinen near Arrowtown, an old gold mining town.

Jaap and I were pretty hung over this morning, after drinks with his friend Paddy last night. So we had a leisurely morning and only only got out there around 2pm. So we were going to take it easy... then we started walking up the Arrow River and suddenly, there I was in the middle of the icy river with my skirt hiked up and my sandals in my hand... ridiculous.

But so worth it!
It was lovely and quiet and I felt like I was in a movie.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

This just in from Kendra:
"just wondering, have you seen Legolas since you've been in NZ? he's a tall elvish guy - pointy ears, can walk on snow, hair never gets tangled... if you are starting to think about souvenirs, could you please bring me Pippin? ask Legolas where he is. i think he's cuter. and definitely funnier."
She is my favourite.
OHMYGOSH, Raye has launched her site!

It is cute and I'm in love with it. I adore how Raye writes. Especially about men. Oh, she's good! (And so are men.)

If you wanna read what she said about me, you can click here.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Three days away from the computer - CRAZY! But I'm back! This time, in Queenstown (so-called because it is a town fit for a queen).

It is certainly a beautiful town and Jaap and I are staying in a lovely hostel, Bumbles for $22/night. I am also drinking yummy coffee from Voodoo Cafe, incase anyone goes to Queenstown and is looking for good coffee there.

I've been in TeAnau for the past 2 nights, staying in a lovely holiday park. Yesterday, we went to Milford Sound (which is actually a fiord, not a sound). We woke up really early to drive the 2+ hours on the most scenic roads I've seen yet. Mountains, waterfalls, rapids, forests, plains and lakes. All just too beautiful to be believed. It was the first time I really felt that I was in Middle-earth.

We did a 2.5-hour cruise of the fiord, snapping photos like crazy. It was lovely weather, we were lucky, although they say that it's even more beautiful when it's raining. Hard to imagine.

But the drive there and back was utterly spectacular. We stopped for a short walk to The Chasm (the 10-minute walk that everyone does) and then decided that we'd do a 3-hour suggested walk to the Key Summit, which is part of the larger Milford Track.

In short, it was the most beautiful walk I've ever done. And Jaap made fun of me most of the way about braces and all sorts of ridiculous things which made the time go quickly. Thankfully, today he found out that he's gained weight and now I have something that I can make fun of. He's trying to quit smoking and is addicted to sugar (and food in general, actually). Did I mention that he also has leprosy? Yuk.

He also managed to melt all the butter in the trunk yesterday so that it got ALL over EVERYTHING in the food box. EW! Then he made ME clean it up! I couldn't believe it! OK, well, maybe I had something to do with that....

On our way from TeAnau this morning, I made Jaap take a dusty backroad detour to check out some Lord of the Rings locations. I saw the spot where Sam gets in the water to chase after Frodo when he's trying to leave the Fellowship at the end of the first movie. We skipped rocks and had a nice lunch there. Such a gorgeous, peaceful spot. Also saw part of Fangorn Forest.

Ya, I'm cool.
When I couldn't find my way out of part of the forest that's used as part of the Amon Hen battle scene, Jaap chided me, "Come ON, Lord of the Rings nerd!"

He's fired.
OK, maybe not. He's very patient with my nerdiness...

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Here I am in Dunedin, just south of Christchurch.

It's a lovely little city! Lots of beautiful old buildings. There's a bicycle race going on in the centre right now. And a canon-shot ringing out right beside us reminded us that it's Robbie Burns Day today. Lots of Scots living here, I guess. Hence, the name.

We're staying at Manor House Backpackers, in our tent. At least it's attached to a hostel so we have access to all of their facilities.

Last night, we stayed in Oamaru, in the Top 10 Holiday Park where there was a kitchen and bathroom. But it was pretty basic. We realized we aren't really equipped for that. We decided at the last minute to stay there, due to the blue-eyed fairy penguins and the yellow-eyed penguins. We saw BOTH! It was very exciting for me. Especially when one of the fairy penguins scuttled out from under the car when we went to get in. Cute!

We also saw the Moeraki Boulders. And this morning, we saw lots of seals at Shag Point.

AND I got to DRIVE!! I drove all the way from Timaru to Oamaru! I'm wondering if driving is the best way to get around. Although if I look at the Magic Bus, doing the same trip, it's probably the same price. But I wouldn't be able to stop wherever I wanted. But it might be less fuss...

Doesn't matter. This is good too. And I DROVE on the left side of the road! Come on, am I the coolest or what?!

Sad part: Jaap just told me he snores. So, either my earplugs last night were really good, or he slept on his side all night. Friggen him. If he snores, I'm punching him in the face.

Finally, tomorrow morning, we're driving the scenic route south, through the Catlins on the way to Te Anau. The next day, we'll do our cruise of Milford Sound. This is supposed to be one of the best things to do in NZ! Can't wait!

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Poor Jaap's car is feeling a little under the weather. It's going in for a little check-up. On the wiring.
First, he was mad about that.

Then, he lost his car keys. Then he was upset, thinking someone might steal the car. I didn't think that was a big deal, since they wouldn't get very far when the car dies every few kilometres.

Then, this morning, he sends me an email, I read it, then delete it. I think he was more upset about me deleting his email than anything else. He was very proud of the email.

All that means is we're here in Christchurch for another day. Which is fine with me. I like it here. It's pretty. Very European. And the Busker Festival is fun. We went to the Busker Comedy Club last night again and saw the Canadians, Acromaniacs. They were very good. But I think that the Japanese Gamarjobats stole the show.

I also managed to make it to the Christchurch Art Gallery, do two of the city walks and have a sinfully delicious chocolate treat at the Copenhagen Bakery, recommended to me by an old, old friend, Rachael.

Today, Jaap and I will go to the Museum and to the Botanical Gardens while we wait for the guy from the garage to call us about the car.

Had to check out of the lovely Stonehurst hostel and back into Charlie B's for tonight, as Stonehurst was full. Sad. But I suppose it's just a place to sleep, so I shouldn't be so picky. But sometimes it's just nice to be comfortable.

Actually, I'm kind of happy about the extra day here. I was able to get my haircut this morning, where I met a woman from Reno, Nevada, who's living here now with her husband who's job puts him somewhere different all the time. Her daughter is a hairdresser in Toronto. And I also met a man from Vancouver this morning who's hiked almost all of New Zealand and gave me a lot of good suggestions on what I shouldn't miss.

I'm happily starting to get my travel legs back.
Still miss Melbourne, though.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

So, do you want the good news or the bad news?

Bad news: just found out that Dave won't be arriving in Perth until March 19th. I leave Perth to go to Sydney (in order to get home in time) on March 20th. I'm pretty sad, but life goes on. At least I'll see him for a day...

Good news: Jaap is in Christchurch! We met up yesterday evening (were staying in the same hostel yesterday, but I moved to a better one this morning) and got caught up on our travels and then went to the Busker Comedy Club at the Arts Centre for an evening of truely amazing and bizarre entertainment. Excellent.

Jaap wanted to buy a tent, so I'd noted a few from notice boards. We bought one from some English girls for $50 (a 3-man, barely used tent with 2 ground mats included). I figured that, even if I'd rather NOT sleep in a tent, it might be a good idea to have one. I'll try it out at least and it's only $25/ea plus campground fee (usually $10). So, even if I decide it's too cold for sleeping outside, it won't have cost me much.

Today I'm going to check out some of the many art galleries in the city. Will try to get a haircut too. Really need one before we leave the city tomorrow and head south.

Only 17-degrees in Christchurch today. But nice enough to wear my nice black skirt and my cute black top that I bought at the Myer Stock-Take Sale in Melbourne. So I don't have to look like a traveller today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Wow, things turn around quickly for me!

First, I walked into the map store across the road from the last Internet Lounge and found a Let's Go, New Zealand second-hand for pretty cheap. Bought it.

Check. Have an NZ travel book.

Next, a quick walk to my hostel to check it out, grab some food, use the toilets. Discovered that it's not the nicest hostel. Friendly, busy, but shared-sex bathrooms and not many at that. Don't really wanna stay there long. So I looked around at some other hostels. Got a bed tomorrow night at Stonehurst which is supposed to be much nicer. I figure that I don't wanna stay in a dump, even if it is cheaper.

Check. Have a nice place to stay.

I was in the middle of looking for a hostel when a car pulls over and this guy yells out to me. Ohmygosh, it's Bo! We met on our Fraser Island trip. So I've got his number now and we'll get together at some stage to catch up. Yay, I like knowing people!

Check. Have a friend.

Then I went and watched The Stretch People at Cathedral Square. Very funny.

Check. Did something fun.

From there, I discovered a great place that specializes in phone cards and mobiles for travellers. I GOT MYSELF A NEW ZEALAND PHONE NUMBER! Vodafone offers a $40 SIM card that includes $5 credit and an additional $10 of credit after you fill out a questionnaire. It's a bit expensive to use, but at least I can receive a phone call now. Yay!

Check. Have a phone.

Finally, I found a great little Internet Cafe down this little alley that offers web access at $3/hr (standard) but an extra 15 mins free with purchase.

Check, check. Have Internet, have coffee.

Too bad that the coffee is not as good as The Daily Grind. Ah well.

At least I'm happy.
At least I'm feeling like I know what the hell I'm doing here.

Thanks to all the lovely people who wrote me nice emails and kept me from feeling too lonely here. It is much appreciated.
Have changed hostels. Yay. Not sure it it's good yet, as it was too early to actually check into the place. I just stored my bags there and headed out to alert Jaap via email that I'd changed hostels, incase he'd arrived in Christchurch and went looking for me at the old place.

Well, no need to worry.
He's no where near Christchurch. Or maybe a little near, but his car has broken down somewhere and he has to get it fixed. Which means I'll be here for a while.

Which is fine, I suppose. It'll give me some time to get settled, get organized, see the city, take in some of the Busker Festival, etc.

I suck. Here I am in exotic, beautiful New Zealand and all I can think about are family and friends elsewhere in the world and how I'd rather be there, with them. Seriously, must shake this off. It is always like this when I first start out, though. I just have to go out and do something fun, meet interesting people and I'll be fine.

At least I have found great coffe in the city. "The Daily Grind" is really nice coffee, even take away. The secret is the double shot. Mm. Good, strong coffee. Think I might end up there a lot. But will also have to try ALL the nice coffee spots in the city... not a very big city at that.

Well, I should get out there. I have spent way too long here in this Internet Lounge. Will start enjoying myself starting... NOW.
Fish and chips dinner. Ugh. Sick.

Now back to my lonely hostel room, where I'll read all the brochures that I picked up today at the YHA.

In good news: I have another hostel for tomorrow! Cheaper in a 4-share, at Charlie B's.

The good thing about loneliness is that makes me wanna write...

Monday, January 19, 2004

OK, David.

Here is your chance to laugh and yell "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Arrived in Christchurch. Called the YHA. Booked. Called about 8 hostels. Booked. All booked.

Am now in a dodgy hostel (albeit in my own double room with ensuite!) called Foley Towers, paying way too much. Ah well. Life goes on. Live and learn.

Forgot about the fact that there was a busker festival on right now. I suck.

Now I'm just trying to get in contact with Jaap, who's supposed to be in Christchurch either today or tomorrow. Then I have to find a room for tomorrow night. And get some food. And look into getting a SIM for my phone that works in NZ. And buy a Lonely Planet New Zealand. And lots of other things, too. Sigh.

Don't want to make myself sad by thinking about leaving this morning. It was tougher even than I thought it would be. OK, need to stop thinking about it now. Tearing up. However, the flight was otherwise fine.

Christchurch is about 15 degrees right now. Fine in the sun, but will be cold later when it goes down.

I'm feeling lonely. Always feel this way in a new city and when I first start travelling. Maybe I will buy a phone card and reach out and touch someone tonight....

New Zealand 20 January: 05:07 pm
Ontario Canada 19 January: 11:07 pm

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Stepped off the bus from Adelaide this morning at 6:30am. Thank God I slept most of the way, as I have about a zillion things to do today!

  • bank for NZ$
  • pack
  • laundry
  • site updates
  • charge camera, offload photos
  • book a hostel in Christchurch
  • buy Lonely Planet New Zealand
  • emails
  • drinks with Scott
  • have a BATH!!!

    Jaap called yesterday to let me know that he'll be meeting me in Christchurch with his car and we're going to travel together! Yay! Big sigh of relief.
  • Wednesday, January 14, 2004

    It was a close call. The computer nearly died. And then I nearly killed it. But it's OK. For now. Knock on particle-board.

    I'm just back from the city where I have JUST booked my return trip back to Canada.

    March 22nd: Fly Sydney (10:15am) to Tokyo (17:55). Overnight Tokyo c/o Japan Air.
    March 23rd: Fly backwards in time, Tokyo (12pm) to Chicago (8:20am). Chicago (10:50am) to Toronto (8:20am)

    Mark your calendars!

    I'm updating my site for the rest of the day after spending the early afternoon drinking coffee on Brunswick St again (I'm addicted - I was there for Vietnamese/Chinese food with David's family last night, too). Then packing for my early, early morning departure on my Great Ocean Road trip. Follow the link for the trip itinerary. I bought the trip from Safari Pete's Travel Auctions for only $170, so I'm hoping it's good. Sounds a bit too good to be true, you know?

    After the tour, I'm boarding the Firefly Express back to Melbourne, arriving 7am Monday morning for my last day in my favourite city with my favourite Aussie.

    I'm sure I'll be ready to leave. I'm sure I'll be ready then. I'm sure of it. Sure; I'll be good to go...

    Monday, January 12, 2004

    Just getting up (with a headache).

    Looks like another beautiful day. 20 degrees now, with a max of 27 degrees today. Could it get any better?

    It could. I could be out IN the lovely weather instead of sitting here in front of the computer...

    David was a model of self discipline and helped me set up my digital camera stuff last night, so I should be able to post more photos soon. When I have time. (Ha - time!?) Someday I will stop procrastinating. Maybe when the weather isn't so nice...
    So I'm checking my stats and discovering that December has been my highest traffic month of all time (yay! my friends love me!) when I scoot over for the usual laugh of checking my referers.

    (Mom: just so you know, that means the link that someone clicked to get to my site.)

    And I discovered that my good friend Scott from RaptorBlog has posted about me and nominated me for the Bloggies!

    (Mom: these are weblog awards)

    I'm touched. And tickled by the thought, really. So I'm sitting here giggling thinking, MAN, why didn't I realize this before and get other people to vote for me?

    Alas, I am just to wrapped up in my life in Australia to be much of a Web-nerd these days. It's sad, really. I could've been a star....
    Sitting here at David's computer, in his house, in his room, geeking out and eating yummy Sarah Lee Tropical Smoothy ice cream while his mom and sister watch Bachelor Bob in the other room and his dad heads out the other way, throwing insults over his shoulder at them.

    Have just caught up on Sarah's blog.

    I love catching up on the random thoughts that go through a friend's mind in a day. It's just so interesting what comes up and what that says about their state of mind.

    I'd like to tell everyone that I didn't buy a single album from Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2003 and that I only KNOW four of the artists on the list. I have only bought one CD all year: Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairytales. And I got Sarah's Fallen as a gift.

    Well, I'm not sure what that says about me, really. I think it says that I really miss music. And Sarah.

    Sunday, January 11, 2004

    If David keeps being cheerful in the morning, I might have to punch him out.

    I am not a morning person.
    Good thing today's my last day at GE and I don't have to deal with that again.

    At least he bought me chocolate to make up for his incessant cheerfulness.
    Friday night, Scott and I met up with our friend Anne and her friends to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens for Moonlight Cinema. We had a nice little picnic, complete with wine and watched Mystic River.

    Saturday morning, I went to my last yoga class, made yummy cookies and then started packing. I finished in time to help Scott and Ada (who just arrived in Melbourne and is staying with Scott) clean up the place for the big seafood fiesta.

    Doug and Kelly (friends from GE) and their two friends came over and Doug did all the cooking.

    My God. The seafood.
    First, there were the calamari rings with a lemon garlic sauce. Divine.

    Second, oysters. Raw. First time eating them. Not entirely sold on them.

    Third came heaps of giant prawns with a creamy seafood sauce and toasted Turkish pide bread.

    Finally was the yummy fish. Done to perfection. Melted in my mouth. I even at fish cheeks. Ada told me to, so of course I had to do it. Verdict: tastes fishy.

    Then we all dove into the strawberry cheesecake. And drank more, more, more.

    Finally David arrived and after chatting for a while, he took me to my new home (for the next week). I'm staying with him and his parents.

    Today, we woke up and went for a disgustingly decadent McDonald's breakfast and then drove to Brunswick St. for coffee at Cafe Atomica.

    We got one to go and took it to Fitzroy Gardens where we walked around for a while before falling victim to the lush green grass and warm afternoon sun.

    Then we stumbled on the SwingPatrol swing dancing lesson and concert in the park and stayed. I have decided I need to take more swing dancing lessons when I return home. I'm thinking the only one who'll go with me is Alex. So I hope he's ready.

    David took the scenic way home, so we ended up in Yarra Bend park and walked over the Kanes Bridge (well, David made me a little ill by trying to fall off it) and looked out over the Melbourne cityscape at night. We even took a drive up to the Kew/Willsmere Mansion/Asylum an imposing building with the most amazing view of the city.

    It was a gorgeous, fun day.

    Thursday, January 08, 2004

    My last day at work will be Monday. A bit sad. It's all happening so fast!

    Wednesday, January 07, 2004

    Raining in Melbourne.

    Well, at least we had a whole two weeks of sun!

    Starting to freak out about travel plans. As I always do. Turns out I can't fly back to Melbourne from Adelaide (well, I can but it's expensive) so I'm taking the Firefly Express overnight again. At least, that's the new plan.
    Have been happily geeking out all night on the computer that David set up for me here at Scott's place.

    So I have three screens in front of me, all the programs I need, and MP3s at my disposal. I'm a happy nerd. Except for the slow Internet connection.

    I have so much more to do. So I guess I'll be spending a Friday night in the sexy blue glare of the almighty screen!

    Monday, January 05, 2004

    Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.
    So here I sit, bawling my eyes out, following an email from Kendra about how she loves Matt, bought a car and misses me falling asleep on the floor after just waking up. And she's encouraging me to go make out with some hottie with an Aussie accent.

    And she's reminded me that I have to ask David if he likes bacon grease.

    How can it make me so sad/happy that I've just eaten ice cream for dinner in honour of us?

    It's been such an emotional day.

    I have just found out that my grandfather died. He was a great man. Always ready with a joke. Always dropping hints about someone getting him coffee and a piece of cake. I remember him drinking Napoleon and playing cards with the boys at the table. I remember the arguments he used to pick with my mother and laugh and wink when she took the bait. I remember him taking me and my sister with him to his club to play cards and do puzzles. I remember the petting zoo he took us to on one of his impromptu Sunday drives.

    And now he is gone and I don't feel like I got to say goodbye.

    He was 92 and very ill and they say that he didn't suffer much and I'm glad for that. And I know I should be glad for many things. But instead I feel sick and slightly unreal because I'm not there.

    But at least I can tell you about the good things that I remember about him. And hope that it will inspire you to call your grandparents right now just to see how they're doing.

    It only takes a minute.
    And it means that your stupid Christmas card from Australia won't be the last they heard from you, if they got it at all.

    Sunday, January 04, 2004

    I went DRIVING on the weekend! David let me drive his car in some little back streets with little traffic. So I've now driven on the wrong side of the road AND used a round-about!

    How exciting is THAT?
    I bought my ticket to New Zealand on Friday.

    I leave on January 20th for Christchurch in the South Island.

    I leave Melbourne to travel the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide on January 16th with my friend Karen. Then I return to Melbourne for one night before taking off to New Zealand for a month.

    I travel around NZ for a month and then fly to Perth on February 20th.

    Excited and sad at the same time, as I don't really want to leave Melbourne or the friends I've made here. However, I suppose if they are real friends, they will always be friends and I will never be leaving them behind... they will be with me always.

    Thursday, January 01, 2004

    After feeling sorry for myself yesterday and calling Jen, I decided to go out and make the day special: live life with passion.

    So I went to Williamstown, just around the west side of Port Phillip Bay (Melbourne's at the top).

    Check out these old photos of the place. Fantastic. It's the old seaport for Melbourne, before the Yarra was deepened to allow boats.

    I visited the beach and walked all around Point Gellibrand to The Strand and the restaurant district. I got myself some fish and chips to eat on the pier before I got a call from Dave who told me that he's coming to Perth in March!


    So, Dave and I are meeting up in Perth in March (just before I leave for home).

    Tonight I go to the travel agent to solidify my travel plans. I can't wait!