Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Wow, things turn around quickly for me!

First, I walked into the map store across the road from the last Internet Lounge and found a Let's Go, New Zealand second-hand for pretty cheap. Bought it.

Check. Have an NZ travel book.

Next, a quick walk to my hostel to check it out, grab some food, use the toilets. Discovered that it's not the nicest hostel. Friendly, busy, but shared-sex bathrooms and not many at that. Don't really wanna stay there long. So I looked around at some other hostels. Got a bed tomorrow night at Stonehurst which is supposed to be much nicer. I figure that I don't wanna stay in a dump, even if it is cheaper.

Check. Have a nice place to stay.

I was in the middle of looking for a hostel when a car pulls over and this guy yells out to me. Ohmygosh, it's Bo! We met on our Fraser Island trip. So I've got his number now and we'll get together at some stage to catch up. Yay, I like knowing people!

Check. Have a friend.

Then I went and watched The Stretch People at Cathedral Square. Very funny.

Check. Did something fun.

From there, I discovered a great place that specializes in phone cards and mobiles for travellers. I GOT MYSELF A NEW ZEALAND PHONE NUMBER! Vodafone offers a $40 SIM card that includes $5 credit and an additional $10 of credit after you fill out a questionnaire. It's a bit expensive to use, but at least I can receive a phone call now. Yay!

Check. Have a phone.

Finally, I found a great little Internet Cafe down this little alley that offers web access at $3/hr (standard) but an extra 15 mins free with purchase.

Check, check. Have Internet, have coffee.

Too bad that the coffee is not as good as The Daily Grind. Ah well.

At least I'm happy.
At least I'm feeling like I know what the hell I'm doing here.

Thanks to all the lovely people who wrote me nice emails and kept me from feeling too lonely here. It is much appreciated.

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