Saturday, January 31, 2004

Hi everyone

The story happend a week ago.

I have been jinxed by two girls from Essex!!!!!

The story goes like this : i drove from Rotoura to Wellington after saying goodby to my friends from Austria. Nothing happens on the way. It was a nice drive.

So i stayed in a hostel for one night and met two girls from Essex (GBR). They also wanne go to Christchurch, so i invited them to come with me.

We had the boat at 8 o'clock, so we had to leave around 6:30. We checked out on time and then the shit happend. The car was blocked by another car but there was an tag in front of the window. It says that they were sleeping in tent U. So we went looking for tent U but didn't found it. Also some tents were down because of the storm. So we waked everybody up in the campsite but the owner wasn't there. We found him in the commenroom sleeping. He wasn't really happy but he removed his car.

Then we were on our way to the ferry. We checked in on time,but were waiting on to get onboard. Then a man said to us that the boat was cancelled. We had to wait for a while and maybe there was space on the 9:30 ferry. NOT.
After three hours of waiting we were asked to get in the terminal. There they told us that we could go with another company. We had to get our money back. But when it was our turn they were over there limit of giving back money.
But after 15 minutes we could use our ticket for the other company. Thank God !!!!!!.

Our new ferry was leaving at 1 o'clock. We had to wait for another couple of hours. But in the end we were on our way. The trip was really stormy so people get seasick.
I almost felt that I was on the TITANIC !!!!!!!! I almost imagine I saw Icebergs !!!!!!

After 4 hours on the boat were finally in the car to get to Christchurch.
After we get some food from the supermarket my meters and the dashboardlight didn't work anymore. I thought : no worries mate!! It's going be fine. But after 30 minutes the radio was going down and after that the car was brokedown.

I opened the bonnet and already a car stopped to help me. The guy was a Kiwi.
He towed us to Kaikoura that was like 50 km away. But we made it again.

The next day I went to a mechanic to have a look at the car. I thaugt that the alternator was broke, but the fuse was broke. That was why the alternator didn't functioned anymore. After that he put in a new fuse in the car. The car was working again properly. I drove 5 minutes and the fuse was broke again. Back to the garage and have a look again. Nothing !!!!!!

I drove again and the fuse broke again when I reversed. So we went looking again. Nothing to find !!!!!!

I reversed again and nothing happend !!!!!.

Stupid car !!!!

We didn't stayed there to fix the car but we went off again to Christchurch. We maded it without any problem.

I say the girls have jinxed me and the car.


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