Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Have changed hostels. Yay. Not sure it it's good yet, as it was too early to actually check into the place. I just stored my bags there and headed out to alert Jaap via email that I'd changed hostels, incase he'd arrived in Christchurch and went looking for me at the old place.

Well, no need to worry.
He's no where near Christchurch. Or maybe a little near, but his car has broken down somewhere and he has to get it fixed. Which means I'll be here for a while.

Which is fine, I suppose. It'll give me some time to get settled, get organized, see the city, take in some of the Busker Festival, etc.

I suck. Here I am in exotic, beautiful New Zealand and all I can think about are family and friends elsewhere in the world and how I'd rather be there, with them. Seriously, must shake this off. It is always like this when I first start out, though. I just have to go out and do something fun, meet interesting people and I'll be fine.

At least I have found great coffe in the city. "The Daily Grind" is really nice coffee, even take away. The secret is the double shot. Mm. Good, strong coffee. Think I might end up there a lot. But will also have to try ALL the nice coffee spots in the city... not a very big city at that.

Well, I should get out there. I have spent way too long here in this Internet Lounge. Will start enjoying myself starting... NOW.

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