Wednesday, January 14, 2004

It was a close call. The computer nearly died. And then I nearly killed it. But it's OK. For now. Knock on particle-board.

I'm just back from the city where I have JUST booked my return trip back to Canada.

March 22nd: Fly Sydney (10:15am) to Tokyo (17:55). Overnight Tokyo c/o Japan Air.
March 23rd: Fly backwards in time, Tokyo (12pm) to Chicago (8:20am). Chicago (10:50am) to Toronto (8:20am)

Mark your calendars!

I'm updating my site for the rest of the day after spending the early afternoon drinking coffee on Brunswick St again (I'm addicted - I was there for Vietnamese/Chinese food with David's family last night, too). Then packing for my early, early morning departure on my Great Ocean Road trip. Follow the link for the trip itinerary. I bought the trip from Safari Pete's Travel Auctions for only $170, so I'm hoping it's good. Sounds a bit too good to be true, you know?

After the tour, I'm boarding the Firefly Express back to Melbourne, arriving 7am Monday morning for my last day in my favourite city with my favourite Aussie.

I'm sure I'll be ready to leave. I'm sure I'll be ready then. I'm sure of it. Sure; I'll be good to go...

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