Monday, January 19, 2004

OK, David.

Here is your chance to laugh and yell "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Arrived in Christchurch. Called the YHA. Booked. Called about 8 hostels. Booked. All booked.

Am now in a dodgy hostel (albeit in my own double room with ensuite!) called Foley Towers, paying way too much. Ah well. Life goes on. Live and learn.

Forgot about the fact that there was a busker festival on right now. I suck.

Now I'm just trying to get in contact with Jaap, who's supposed to be in Christchurch either today or tomorrow. Then I have to find a room for tomorrow night. And get some food. And look into getting a SIM for my phone that works in NZ. And buy a Lonely Planet New Zealand. And lots of other things, too. Sigh.

Don't want to make myself sad by thinking about leaving this morning. It was tougher even than I thought it would be. OK, need to stop thinking about it now. Tearing up. However, the flight was otherwise fine.

Christchurch is about 15 degrees right now. Fine in the sun, but will be cold later when it goes down.

I'm feeling lonely. Always feel this way in a new city and when I first start travelling. Maybe I will buy a phone card and reach out and touch someone tonight....

New Zealand 20 January: 05:07 pm
Ontario Canada 19 January: 11:07 pm

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