Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 15 seconds: WebGoddessCathy on the Oscars

WebGoddessCathy in the Toronto StarWith a handle like WebGoddessCathy, you'd think that I'd be, well, embarrassed. OK, not the people who know me and know that it was a domain that an old boyfriend bought me for a birthday present.

But, still, it can seem a bit self-important.

So when The Toronto Star published me as AKA WebGoddessCathy, I had to gulp. It was in an article, part of a series on the Oscar nominations. Interviews with real people, in their own words. And since I was talking about The Social Network, the handle fit.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Old houses aren't for the faint of heart... or those who have lives

It all started with the damn duct you see here poking innocently out of the wall.

Well, that, and a contractor who didn't really LOOK.

As our contractor turned a three-week bathroom project into an over-six-month project, he also managed to tile OVER the hole in the wall for the duct. After I pointed it out to him (he hadn't noticed) he "fixed" it but breaking a new hole in the wall and placing the vent over it. He also told me that the duct was blocked down about five feet by what felt like insulation. He told me that he had looked UP from the basement to see what the blockage was and whether he could pull it out. He said he couldn't reach the blockage from the basement.

What I didn't know was:

Sunday, February 06, 2011

If you're not a smart man, you may need to read this

Smart men know women.

Too bad these smart men are usually either taken or playa's. So I'm sure you're very nice if you're reading this. It means you can admit you have a thing or two to learn. Probably about women.

Here's the thing: Valentine's Day is coming. FickleFeline reminded me of this and she inspired me with her post on her favourite things. Thing is, her favourites aren't mine.

So that's lesson #1: All women are not the same.

This is what my weekend looked like


Type. Click. Drag. Drop. Click. Type. Type. Click.

Oh! And then? There was that time when I almost lost it and threw my computer across the room. Instead, I groaned and yelled something ridiculous and put my computer to the side and walked out the door.

Yep, I went for a walk. To get away from my computer. Because I really was going to hurt it. And that wouldn't help anyone, really. I walked for hours. I bought groceries. I went into antique shops. Just browsing! (But I did see an awesome mirror at GUFF's.) I bought a decaf Americano and a chocolate-peanut-butter-bar at Te Aro. Dreamy! And I thought about the strange balls of snow falling from the sky.