Sunday, February 06, 2011

This is what my weekend looked like


Type. Click. Drag. Drop. Click. Type. Type. Click.

Oh! And then? There was that time when I almost lost it and threw my computer across the room. Instead, I groaned and yelled something ridiculous and put my computer to the side and walked out the door.

Yep, I went for a walk. To get away from my computer. Because I really was going to hurt it. And that wouldn't help anyone, really. I walked for hours. I bought groceries. I went into antique shops. Just browsing! (But I did see an awesome mirror at GUFF's.) I bought a decaf Americano and a chocolate-peanut-butter-bar at Te Aro. Dreamy! And I thought about the strange balls of snow falling from the sky.

At home, I watched a movie. I read a magazine. I purchased a flight to Cancun and planned how to get to Belize from there with my sister in April. I bought a car rental online for my sister's trip to Toronto. I made perogies. And hot chocolate. And took a bath.

I cried and my husband held my hand because I told him that was all he could really do. We fell asleep like that.

And then I woke up and started it all over again.

Click. Type. Click. Drag. Drop. Click. Type. Type. Click.

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