Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are you feeling like screaming too?

Holga Scream.
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I know. I said I was going to be OK with less.

And then I gave myself more. And I'm OK with not doing everything.

What I'm not OK with is everything not being done. The door still off my bathroom vanity. Still with no hinge to fix it. No completed website for my friend. Just more questions. No finished gap-filled basement cracks. No financial plans laid at my feet. No floor washed.

Did focus on ONE thing. Got it mostly done and sent for review. All else? Like that blog blitz? Nopers.

Was I out getting exercise or watching a fun movie or laughing with friends? Not exactly.

I was ON my computer working (or being distracted, admittedly) or cooking or cleaning or grocery shopping (OK, I like grocery shopping). Or stuffing my face with too much chocolate.

I need a vacation. A spa-day. A movie marathon with popcorn and brownies. A big, long walk, poking into antique shops, drinking rich, dark coffee and not talking to anyone. Not trying to achieve. Maybe trying to remember how to skate backwards.

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