Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow falls in Toronto

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"Snowflakes are falling. I'll catch them in my hand."

There's something about a really good snowfall. I think it's the quiet. It feels so magical. I feel the power and wonder of nature. I feel calm.

Today I pulled on my big ol' snow boots, mitts, hat, scarf, coat and ventured out to shovel the worst of it off my sidewalk and doorstep. It felt so good to be outside, I walked to the grocery store. Groceries on an unhurried day is a favourite of mine also.

I managed to remember a few items at the Home Depot so I can finish a few small projects around the house. Just thinking about completing a project, fills me with the excitement of Christmas as a kid.

And now, sitting here at home, I'm searching for a recipe to use the wonderful ingredients I've brought home. While I look, I sip my tea and indulge in a chocolate treat I bought for myself. And on the stereo plays all my favourite music.

I look forward to making something amazing for dinner tonight; to the warm smells of cooking that will waft through my house; for the sound of something bubbling on the stove.

Then I'll curl up on my window seat with a cozy blanket, some pillows and my latest novel. Pausing every now and then just to look outside.

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