Sunday, January 09, 2011


A Fakeaway!I am creative.

I often think and say that I'm not. But reflecting on my past few days, I'd say I like being creative.

I spent the day today researching WordPress (I currently use Blogger for my blog and wow, is WordPress better!) for a friend. I spent half the day before that doing the same. Not just researching it, but learning. And then using this self-education to create something.

I was at it for hours. By the time I looked up and realized that I was hungry, I was shocked that the sun was already down.

And then? Not satisfied with the package of Kraft Dinner in my cupboard, and even eschewing the homemade bread I made yesterday, I trekked out to my Chinatown grocery stores to see what was on special. They always have something on special. To the point where they're pretty much giving it away.

Today, it was cauliflower. Three for a dollar.

Well, it's time to learn how to cook something wonderful with cauliflower, isn't it? I picked up some other items that had been used up and missing from my shelves: onions, garlic. And I saw some red peppers which always makes me think of lentil soup. I'll get back to that.

Anyway, the cauliflower led me to the internet. And suddenly I was making Gobi Aloo (this was the recipe I loosely followed). And then I was on to one of my old standards: red pepper red lentil soup. I just can't get enough of this one. I make it slightly different every time. Magically, it tastes a little different every time - this time I was using left-over turkey stock frozen from Thanksgiving. The BEST kind of stock.

I was happy chopping and stirring and crushing and blending and tasting. I added a little here and substituted a little there.

And now, I have at least two days of lunches for us. This, combined with writing this blog, had me reading this inspiring blog for a cheapie like me: "An Indian Fakeaway" talks about how much they saved by making Indian instead of getting take-out. And it was healthier and they felt a sense of accomplishment. It's all the stuff I love about cooking, really. Aside from the bread, I also made an apple crisp (mmm, thinking about it makes me want to make another) and jerk chicken salad and pasta with roasted squash and sage. And pizza, but I never even got to eat any as it was really a last-minute deal for my husband and his brother. I've been a cooking machine!

And if I think even deeper about the things I love doing, it all points to creativity. Planning renovations/home-interior design, writing, making websites and so on. It seems I am NOT just a planosaurus! (Even though I spent the other half of my Saturday researching financial planning software?) And perhaps that's why I've had such a lovely couple of days: I've been a little starved for a creative outlet. And now? I'm starting to get full.

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