Saturday, February 26, 2011

My 15 seconds: WebGoddessCathy on the Oscars

WebGoddessCathy in the Toronto StarWith a handle like WebGoddessCathy, you'd think that I'd be, well, embarrassed. OK, not the people who know me and know that it was a domain that an old boyfriend bought me for a birthday present.

But, still, it can seem a bit self-important.

So when The Toronto Star published me as AKA WebGoddessCathy, I had to gulp. It was in an article, part of a series on the Oscar nominations. Interviews with real people, in their own words. And since I was talking about The Social Network, the handle fit.

The outcome? "Social Network captures the new pace of business" -- the article came out yesterday and I didn't even know. (I was busy, you know, doing my job. And then I, uh, went curling. But that was also my job -- just a really fun part of it in which I thew an amazing rock to win the game. But I digress...)

I know, you're thinking: "WHAT?! She doesn't even have a Google Alert set up for her name?" (Mom, meet Google Alerts.)

No, I do not. Correction, I did not. I do now.

So I was a bad WebGoddess and did not tweet, facebook or in any way socially-network my famousosity. I'm making up for it now.

Now, you're going to read the article and you're going to think "WOW, does she sound like a dork. Should I mention that to her?"

No, you shouldn't. I know it anyway. But don't worry, we ALL sound like that. Mine's not the worst. And I really liked Jennifer Wells who interviewed me. I actually didn't know that it was going to be in my own words -- I thought she'd make me sound smarter. But I suppose it's what we all sound like when we're just talking and not reading a script. (Well, you'll be able to tell which ones were edited, anyway.)

You can read some of the other Oscar interviews:
At least I can laugh at it. It was a lot of fun.

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Kat said...

she should have mentioned your twitter handle?!