Sunday, January 11, 2004

Friday night, Scott and I met up with our friend Anne and her friends to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens for Moonlight Cinema. We had a nice little picnic, complete with wine and watched Mystic River.

Saturday morning, I went to my last yoga class, made yummy cookies and then started packing. I finished in time to help Scott and Ada (who just arrived in Melbourne and is staying with Scott) clean up the place for the big seafood fiesta.

Doug and Kelly (friends from GE) and their two friends came over and Doug did all the cooking.

My God. The seafood.
First, there were the calamari rings with a lemon garlic sauce. Divine.

Second, oysters. Raw. First time eating them. Not entirely sold on them.

Third came heaps of giant prawns with a creamy seafood sauce and toasted Turkish pide bread.

Finally was the yummy fish. Done to perfection. Melted in my mouth. I even at fish cheeks. Ada told me to, so of course I had to do it. Verdict: tastes fishy.

Then we all dove into the strawberry cheesecake. And drank more, more, more.

Finally David arrived and after chatting for a while, he took me to my new home (for the next week). I'm staying with him and his parents.

Today, we woke up and went for a disgustingly decadent McDonald's breakfast and then drove to Brunswick St. for coffee at Cafe Atomica.

We got one to go and took it to Fitzroy Gardens where we walked around for a while before falling victim to the lush green grass and warm afternoon sun.

Then we stumbled on the SwingPatrol swing dancing lesson and concert in the park and stayed. I have decided I need to take more swing dancing lessons when I return home. I'm thinking the only one who'll go with me is Alex. So I hope he's ready.

David took the scenic way home, so we ended up in Yarra Bend park and walked over the Kanes Bridge (well, David made me a little ill by trying to fall off it) and looked out over the Melbourne cityscape at night. We even took a drive up to the Kew/Willsmere Mansion/Asylum an imposing building with the most amazing view of the city.

It was a gorgeous, fun day.

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