Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mac & Cheese and Sick Days

Macaroni and Cheese
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I'm sitting in my chair. At home. Reading about Mac and Cheese.

I'm sick. My body aches and feels heavy. But one can only sleep so long. At least, I can only sleep so long. So I'm up and brain-dead in a quiet house with the clicking of my laptop keys.

I wonder, vaguely, why I'm looking up mac & cheese recipes. Although, really, why wouldn't I? Wouldn't everyone if they had the time in their day? But I'm not going to make it today. I just want to salivate, apparently. It all started when I went to to look up a way to use up the open bottles of red wine that I won't drink. And there was the ad: Chuck's Favourite Macaroni and Cheese. It looked like heaven. I wanted Chuck to come over and make it for me. Immediately.

It seems, however, that Chuck is not about to offer up this service to me in my time of need. Friggen Chuck. And the folks at made a sneaky-sneak: when I searched for the recipe title after seeing the ad, it didn't come up with that result first. No no no. Up came all sorts of delicious, creamy, exotic elbow-pasta-and-cheese combinations. Chuck's was WAAAAAY down there in the results. In fact, I didn't find it until I Google'd it. And I saved it to my recipe box to make later. It's not that it's all that special in its ingredients. But I had to have it, even if it's not today. I discovered that almost 55,000 others have added that same recipe to their recipe box too.

Huh. Maybe there are other sickies at home today thinking they'd like some comfort food too.

And maybe this is just to say that advertising works, dammit. I hate you and your stupid unattainable bowl of cheesey goodness, Chuck.


PS: Here's Chuck's stupid recipe.
PSS: But if you want the best mac & cheese ever tasted on the planet, go to Prohibition Bar.

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