Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh ya, more wedding posts

So remember how I said I was going to post more about the wedding? Ya, that was two weeks ago.

Totally feels like a million years.

What have I been doing since then? Well, collecting photos from the wedding, of course. You're allowed to SEE them of course. They're pretty much all here on our Picasa album. I don't have everyone's. I try to download as much as I can from various people's albums on Facebook and other Picasa albums and consolidate them in one place. But it's a lot of work. I come home pretty much every night I don't have something else going on and work on that.

Well, that and uploading them to Shutterfly where I'm going to work on a photo book and some cards and some photo prints. I was trying to get in on a sale they were having but I just couldn't get it all organized in time. What can I say? We're busy people.

Also, we had a honeymoon.

Right, ya, that! I'm thinking that deserves it's own post. In the meantime, I'm married. Weirdest thing is introducing Gordon as my husband. It's a super weird word. It feels as foreign in my mouth as swearing profusely.

Also, we opened all of our presents and cards. I can tell you I was overwhelmed by the generosity. I really didn't think that people would give much, since it did cost quite a bit to come. We are grateful -- more than grateful -- to all the people who wrote such lovely things and gave us such generous gifts. It was yet another moving moment for me. I have all of the cards on my shelf in the kitchen. Me, the non-sentimental one. Getting all teary here. Thanks to all.

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