Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally, the wedding pictures

The only thing I wanted from Jane for my birthday were pictures from her wedding. And so last night, when we had dinner, I got them! I'm so excited. I have put them up on Facebook so if you're a member, you can see them there.

I was very happy with my hair and makeup at this wedding. It's not often that happens, apparently. And I was also impressed that I didn't have to pay for any of it. Jane, gracious and generous to a fault, took care of everything.

I thank her for including me in her big day. She was talking last night about sending out thank-you cards and I told her that I don't need or want one. Really, these photos are enough for me. Just a memory of the day is all I want.

And now she talks about how they will soon start trying for a baby. Amazing how it all happens so quickly. I remember on this weekend that I caught the bouquet because (a) Jane aimed directly for me, (b) There weren't that many girls out there anyway, and (c) All the girls moved away when it was thrown so I had no choice but to hold out my hands and let it drop into them before it fell to the floor.

Marriage is a scary thing, but I love how Jane has embraced it. Just like my friend Anita, whom I also saw this past weekend at my birthday and who is also trying for a baby. And then of course there are Matt and Kendra. These friends of mine are models for me. All of them are quite happy in their marriages and their babies. I'm starting to feel less afraid.

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Kat said...

Yes! Babies! WOot! Wonderful...and will take over your life, in a good way. Sorry about missing your birthday party - we have had our hands full as of late. We'd love to have you and your man out for a bbq.