Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who loves their migraine medication?

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Ya, I LOVE my migraine medication! At least, I do today. Today it works.

This week has been crazy with the weather changes and storms. And then there was my sleep disturbance. I had a horrible sleep on Monday night when I locked myself out of the place where I was house sitting.

At 11:30pm.
With no shoes on.
No wallet, no phone.

That was after I had already forgotten my keys to MY house where I'd needed to pick up clothes for the next day and had to walk to the house sitting place, then ride to my house and back again. Feed the kitty. Who hissed at me.

I was just about to shower (as I had just come from a soccer game where I'd gotten hoofed in the shin quite painfully and a goose egg was already forming) when I thought that maybe I should put out the recycling. So I did. And locked myself out. It happened that quickly.

I ended up waking up the neighbour to use their phone. Well, the locksmith was very nice, but very expensive and took quite a while as it was quite late.

And then there was all the stuff I had to do before bed... and I was finally in bed around 2am. Only to have to get up that morning at 6am to catch a ride to our company golf tournament. Which was great until the skies opened up on us on the 10th hole. And I'm telling you, I was TOTALLY going to win Longest Drive, Female again this year! Sigh.

Anyway, it was migraine city after that.

And then I took my medication and it was like my head was about 10lbs lighter. Yay for modern medicine!

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