Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Giving thanks

It has been super hard to keep up with the writing and the updating here and in Facebook.

Here's my attempt at some quick updates and some thanks-giving:
  • I moved my stuff this weekend: thanks to Gordon and Darren and my parents and Jen!
  • It cost me less to move than last time. The truck was only $50. But food for everyone was $150. Still, cheaper than movers. Thanks to U-Haul for being reasonable!
  • My sister Jen is in town for the week! (Hence, the being here for my moving situation.) She is awesome and fun and happy to be home and I love seeing her and hanging out with her.
  • I hung out at my parents' house for Thanksgiving with the whole family. Thanks to Will and Josee for making it home from Ottawa/Pembroke. Thanks to Matt and Kendra for managing to tear themselves away from the mansion cottage with Freya so we could all enjoy her cuteness! Thanks to Josee for getting the Thanksgiving photos up so soon so we can all enjoy them!
  • I am still not living in my house, but comfy at Yonge/St. Clair - thanks to Nina!
  • I am still getting quotes for the renovations on my house. I got quite a few good referrals. Thanks to all those who sent me their treasured contacts!
  • I have drawings for the renovations on my house (which I'd like to post sometime soon but I'm almost afraid of the feedback). Thanks to Bryan!
  • I get to hang out with my boyfriend (yesterday and today). Thanks to Gordon!
Things are pretty good.
Even though my house smells like dog. :)

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