Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Closing time...

Well, it's closing day.

I have finally sold the house. It's done and apparently the money has all been dispersed to the correct places. Some, in holding for my next place which closes next week and some to my lawyer and soon on to me.

This is a picture of the house when we bought it two years ago. Hard to believe all the changes we made. But my new place will be closer to downtown. It's a townhouse, but it's cute and not on a busy street, which makes me happy.

The only sad part is that I have to take care of moving and renovations, which are always stressful. BUT I'm excited to move into my new place.

If you know an electrician, a handyman, a furnace chimney guy or a flooring company that you'd like to recommend to me, please drop me a line or leave a comment. I'm also part of GigPark which I use to look for recommendations, so please join and recommend away!

Chapter One of my life's house-story is closed. On to Chapter Two...

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Pema said...

Congratulation on buying you new house Cathy - and selling your old one!

When you are looking for electricians and handymen etc. feel free to check out my GigPark page too. I've been on the site for a while ;) and so lots of my friends have recommended great people. Here is a search for an electrician for example...

Good luck and I hope this helps. And thanks for being part of our GigPark community!

Co-founder, GigPark