Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Just home from Alleycatz where I went to a Swing dancing lesson. It was GREAT fun! (For only $5!)

However, I'm sad about how much I've lost from when I used to dance in Melbourne. Well, I suppose it HAS been a year...

Anyway, I left early so that I could get home and eat and catch up on some emails, finally update my site and start looking at another friend's site.

The weekend was been a blur!

Friday: went out dancing at the Courthouse

Saturday: hung out a bit with Alex before taking the Go bus to Richmond Hill to buy myself some ski boots and get picked up by my mom.

Sunday: skiing at Snow Valley (packed!) and then out for dinner and driven home in time for bed.

Monday wasn't any better. Work and then choir until late.

Today's been the first day I've actually spent any time at home since last Wednesday.

I like being busy, but sometimes it gets a bit crazy!

I've also started physiotherapy for my wrists. I finally decided that I should get someone to work on them: they haven't improved since I fractured them last autumn.

And yet I still manage to get in 9 hours at work today!?

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