Thursday, February 10, 2005

The day started badly: wake up at 6am. BOO!
But I dragged myself out of bed, into the shower, packed extra socks and other warm things, put my brand-new skis and still-boxed bindings into the ski bag, swung my boots over my shoulder and trudged down to meet my colleague downstairs.

Off we drove, stopping only at Tim Horton's before driving PAST Collingwood and back again before we finally made it to Blue Mountain for the Biogen Idec Snow Express at Blue Mountain.


The third person on our team had already gone off with another group. So we registered as a team of two, put on the lift ticket, took our Clue and brought my skis over to the sport shop across the street. Well, the only guy in there was busy getting other late-arrivals their rentals. So we waited. And then he wanted to chat. And ask me how/where I got my skis (SportMart) and how much I paid for 'em ($220).

He was surprised that the package was so cheap and I felt really proud when he told me I was a good shopper.

Review of my sweet-sweet-skis (Rossignol T-Power Axium Twin Deck) confirms that they're perfect for me:
This is a ski built to instill confidence that pushes carving performance as far as you want to go. The combination of carving ski and binding create an intuitive and highly stable platform that can take a dedicated and determined beginner to the top of the mountain in a single season.

So we were an hour late on the slopes. An hour late starting the treasure hunt. Even so, we did alright, but only got to half of the pick-up points in the clue sheet. Then they furnished a lovely lunch during which I probably ate too much and then the Giant Slalom was to begin. I have to be honest: we didn't stay for the Giant Slalom. Well, we weren't going to win or anything. So we just went skiing. It was a beautiful, albeit windy, day.

And despite our poor performance as skiers - although my skis were clearly the most beautiful on the slopes and everyone was staring in awe at them - we still managed to win Karbon vests and sunscreen.

Yay Team!

And now my sun- and wind-burnt eyes will motivate me to check out some goddess-be-damned goggles. And I will find them for cheap online and all will hail me as the online-shopping-goddess too.

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