Monday, February 07, 2005

Watched the SuperBowl at Scott and Kat's house last night. And what do I remember? New England won. They made lots of bird-flapping gestures. And, most of all, Scott and Kat have an awesome new toilet!!

Seriously, you sit HIGH - barely have to bend to sit - it can flush 27 golf balls without getting plugged (don't ask me why they tested golf balls) and it uses like HALF the water of their other toilets! This is a MIRACLE toilet!

Oh, I also remember that Kat told me to blog more about food. Unfortunately, I'm eating a Michelina's Classic dinner at the moment. Actually, I'm having the Penne Marina with Italian Suasage that my roommate bought me to replace the one(s) he ate. I'd have to say that I'm not all that impressed with it. Although I wasn't too impressed with any of the other flavours that I've tried (all 2 of them). Seriously, if I just kept some cooked noodles in the fridge and poured some bottled sauce over them and zapped it when I wanted a quick meal, it would be far better than this.

Live 'n' learn.

From this to Winterlicious tomorrow night at Fred's Not Here.

I haven't completely stop cooking, though. I just don't often cook at home. Other than the yummy banana bread I made in my beloved bread maker over the weekend (that I left at lucky Alex's place), I make my lunch at work all the time. Today was whole wheat wraps with ripe avocado, cherry tomatoes, old cheddar and alfalfa. MMmm!

Damn, I wish I had that in front of me right now instead of this sorry-assed cardboard dinner. But I was pass-out hungry so I can't be too choosey.

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