Sunday, February 20, 2005

Today was a day for shopping.

I went in and wandered. It always relaxes me to go when there aren't that many people and I just touch and try and meander.

And getting a good deal excites me more than it should.

So when I walked out of The Bay today with a sweater, 2 shirts and 3 bras, for much less than most would have paid for it, I left with a small pleased smile on my face.

And tomorrow I may bring back that white t-shirt with the ruffle because it's not really ME. But today, I thought of yesterday with Raye and our trip to Winners. She told me that I have a very definite style that makes her say "yes, that's what Cathy would wear." And while that's not exactly an insult, I thought it was time to try something new.

I've been feeling like I need a change and while a white t-shirt won't cut it, at least it's better than doing something drastic and short-sighted.

And besides, I got a great deal on it.

And I think it's my duty to let the women (and I suppose men, if they're really interested) know that the Bay is having a fantastic sale on last season's Jockey bras. I think I have to go back and get more.

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