Saturday, February 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Jane!

I went to Jane's birthday party tonight at Myth. Good food, didn't know anyone but Jane. Left having met some really great, interesting people. Kinda reminded me of travelling. Actually, Jane's boyfriend Chris had travelled in Australia and we'd talked about the comraderie that you had there that can't be found, or even explained, here.

You sit on the subway or streetcar, or shop at the local store and avoid talking to, or even looking at, those around you. It's a conspiracy of silence and anonymity.

Not so with travelling -- especially if you go on your own.

And so, by the end, we were chatting like old friends.
What I would do to go back to that life...

Instead, I will remain as I promised myself I would. Tough it out, see how it goes. Then make some sort of decision before I turn 31. Maybe I'll do it all over again.

In the meantime, it's not so rough really. Not when I have choir practice with Jess and walk the dog with Tree and inspirational seminars with Sarah and ski with Mom, Alex to give me massages and dinners with Jane.

Speaking of which, I didn't even mention that we went out last week to Baton Rouge and I ate the most amazing greasy rib dinner and Jane literally fought me over the cheque, throwing my credit card across the restaurant. Shocking, really. Then she brought me to Sephora and bought me lots of pampering luxurious goodness. Honestly, I want to EAT the apple cider body wash and shampoo. I salivate everytime I use it.

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