Saturday, February 19, 2005

I love it when Raye comes to town.

She met me at work yesterday so that I actually left on time. That was a big treat that I need to treat myself to more often.

We hung out at my place, chatted and had a drink before getting all pretty to go out.

Then we took the TTC downtown. The plan was to go to C'est What? but who knew that it would be so busy on a Friday night? So we wandered over to The Keg just around the block and although their wait was similar, we decided that a big steak dinner was just the decadence we needed. As was the chocolate raspberry martini that I ordered. MMMmm!

After a lucious dinner (the best part of which was the excellent conversation), we walked over the Paramount theatre to see Constantine. I'll admit, I was a little worried that it would suck.

It didn't.

So Raye and I discussed the questions brought up by the movie, we stood in line to tell customer service that there one speaker was broken. And they just gave us free passes, just like that!

We hopped on the TTC home and caught the LAST bus up Don Mills to my place - what luck! And chatted til we fell asleep.

And now, while I make banana bread, write emails and do laundry, she's still lying in there, dead to the world. Wish I could do that!

And here I go to wake her up...

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