Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am such a good internet shopper! I just keep impressing myself.

I'm planning a trip to the Netherlands and Germany in late May/early June, and I'm looking for a flight. I'm on the Air Canada WebSavers email list and keep an eye out for their sales. I'm also on the JetsGo and WestJet mailers (although someone recently told me not to take JetsGo if you can help it - sadly, I just bought my super-cheap flight to Calgary with JetsGo).

Anyway, the AirCanada WebSaver was telling me I could get a pretty good flight price ($678) if I left before May 31st. Cool. But I had to book by the end of today.

So I toddle over to the Flight Centre where I usually go for good prices. What do I get? Crap.

So now it's off to > and search there. Prices look much higher. Looks like AirCanada has a good price, then, hey?

Read the fine print. On Expedia, they include taxes and all the extra costs. AirCanada does not.

So I submit my AirCanada flights and get to the bottom line. MORE expensive by about $20. Then I notice on Expedia that it's telling me if I come back a day earlier, I can pay WAY less! ~Click~

Yep. Air Transat is CHEAPER! And I can wait to book until March 31st. Plus, have you ever been to the Air Transat site? There's this interesting interface that is not on their homepage. >Check it out. Totally love it.

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