Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tonight I saw Da Kind in My Hair with my mom and Marlene, Heather's mom who's in town visiting.

It was a really interesting show, although I thought they worked a little too hard to pluck your heart strings at times. They did, of course, succeed from time to time. However, the VOICES of those women! Wow, they were like rich and smooth like chocolate. My favourite. I thought the strongest parts of the show were the light tales; they seemed to ring true to me.

We also ate some yummy dinner at Fred's Not Here/The Red Tomato. My favourite part was, of course, the appetizer. I love coconut shrimp and spring rolls. The winterlicious menu also featured a promising crab and lobster soup that Marlene ordered. Perhaps I should have ordered that as my main? It was tasty (although perhaps too much salt).

It was nice to get together with Mar and Mom for this; it reminded me of when we were kids and we'd all go out dinner and a show. I used to love the theatre routine that we shared. It was so special.

I need to go to more theatre; it brings me so much joy.

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