Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fenced in

It was a rather productive, busy weekend. My favourite kind, really.

Friday was obviously very hectic -- it being the first day back from vacation, afterall. So I tore some hair out but finally got out in time to meet my mom and Marlene at my house. I showed Marlene around, as she hadn't seen my place yet. She appropriately ooh'd and ahh'd. Whether heartfelt or just to make me feel better about all the stupid work, I appreciated it.

Next morning, I met up with Amie to head to the Cabbagetown Festival. We each bought something in the short time we were able to spend looking at all the AWESOME garage sale stuff. I got a white planter. She got a great chair for $40. Would like to note that I need a chair. But I can't seem to make a decision.

We cycled to Rosedale to our CEO's house, which is gorgeous. I'd helped organize our staff BBQ. It was gorgeous perfect weather. Lots of wonderful people and I had a great time.

Back to our neck o' the woods, we dropped off our bikes and walked to get Amie's cool chair. Then it was time to get ready. I slipped on a fun party dress, some crazy chandelier earrings, slapped on extra makeup and some heels and I was good to go. Off to TwestivalTO. Get on the boat at Queen's Quay. Have some snacks, listen to music, meet some interesting people, watch the skyline from the boat. Complain about uncomfortable heels. Listen doubtfully as I'm told that all I need to do is invest in a "good" pair. Have a drink and talk to more interesting people, while tweeting and posting to Facebook because you're a web geek. Dock and head home.

Sunday wake up ridiculously early because I'm a freak. Head to Starbucks where they've run out of regular earl grey tea so I must have the premium loose leaf earl grey for my misto. For free. Poor me. Hang out a bit until Shoppers Drug Mart opens so I can buy all the stuff that's on sale that I need anyway -- just enough to get the Tim Horton's gift card. Home to drop off shopping, eat some Williamsford Pie Company strawberry-rhubarb pie (best pie ever) and then head out to Cabbagetown again. Buy some homemade cards from a really nice lady, pick through all the leftovers of the formerly great garage sale. Buy a glass decanter for $5, but leave the $25 coffee table. I probably didn't really need it anyway, right?

On the way home, catch up on moving details with boyfriend, show Amie my Cabbagetown finds. Find Steve, my handyman, as he walks up the street to the convenience store. Work the rest of the afternoon putting up my fence. Man, do I ever feel tough when I have a power tool in my hands! Do whatever I can to help and then finish painting the trim around my front door, finally (it's been partially done for over a month). Make dinner for both of us. Clean up. More moving details with aforementioned boyfriend. Internet errands, including blogging and Craigslisting.

Whew. It's time for bed!

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