Thursday, September 10, 2009

MacGregor Point Camping

Oh, Gordon and I and our sunsets; we love 'em.

This photo was taken at Sunset Point at MacGregor Point Provincial Park. We camped there from Monday until Thursday with Gordon's family.

They stayed in yurts; Gordon and I "roughed it" in a huge tent with a blow-up mattress. I struggled though. I was cold the first night before we figured out the right sleeping arrangements. Even after that, I still didn't sleep well. Finally, on our last day, I was hit with a migraine. Boo!

However, before it struck, I went on a couple lovely walks along the shore and through the woods. Gordon and I did a marathon 17k hike. I was very proud of us. We followed that up with a jaunt to the Pitcher Plant marl and then on to Sunset Point, where we took many gorgeous photos.

We were lucky: we were blessed with amazing weather. The raccoons were particularly aggressive, but otherwise, everything was taken care of.

And now back to the daily grind. For a DAY before the weekend lets me have more relaxation. The trick is not to lose the vacation feeling when I'm back in my desk.

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Raye said...

an absolutely fabulous photo ... love the unconventional pose - it works so much better.