Saturday, September 05, 2009

A girl and decadence in the city

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I love a day on my own.

I woke up early. Showered. I made tea. I read - savoured, really - my new magazine. I made banana bread.

I even cleaned and liked it.

Then I hopped on my bike and rode in the warm sunshine to Yorkville, always a favourite of mine in the fall. All the rich people to watch and wonder at. All the decadence there. And today was my day of decadence. Starting with the Stillwater spa.

There are spas and there are spas. This spa is something different from any other I've been to. Water flows beneath the floor. You can hang out in little "cabanas" to relax prior to your treatment. Everything is bathed in marble and glass and bamboo. And lots of stark white terry cloth. My bathrobe, for one. My towel, after my luxurious shower.

Sitting in the "waiting room" I read an entire Oprah magazine and it made me think about my sources of power as well as the fallacies of power. I can't remember the last time I read an entire magazine that made me think about anything but my house renovations.

I had a glorious massage. A perfect pedicure (I made the poor aesthetician work very hard indeed) and a friendly manicure that I promptly managed to wreck. However, my manicurist was a wonderful woman with a son of whom she was very proud. We talked in-depth about parenting. This woman I just met. The aesthetician and I. And I can't remember the last time I had such an enriching discussion with a stranger.

Afterwards, I wheeled my bike over to Pusateri's for a Clafouti croissant. Which I ate on their sidewalk patio, of course. Overhearing the millionaires talk about their recent millionaire purchases in their gorgeous accents. My walk back through Yorkville was filled with enormous dark sunglasses, pairs upon pairs of perfect, sexy shoes and flashy luxury cars.

It was time for me to hit Winners. I had a birthday gift card burning a hole in my pocket (thanks Raye!). Two hours later, I walked out of there with what I believe may be the best purse I've ever bought, as well as a pashmina I can't stop touching. And a little lighter in the credit card. Still thinking about those hot Chinese Laundry patent leather heels that I'm sure I could never wear for more than an hour. Perhaps I will go back for them.

Until then, I needed more sustenance. In the form of melty goodness from Greg's at Spadina. Today's temptation was a banana and coconut mixture. Not quite as summery as the lemon yogurt I had last time, I must admit, but quite satisfying to lick as I watched the sun going down.

Last stop, Indigo's home decor magazine shelves. Where I probably thumbed through eight house-porn periodicals. And fully read one. Thank you, Indigo. My free entertainment for the evening. I considered, briefly, the movies. But you can't beat those glossy pages and I thought it would be nice to get home and eat the last bit of guacamole before bed and think about what I will do tomorrow to top off my weekend of decadence.

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