Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apparently, I'm a dirty girl

It was another weekend of working on my house, mixed up with fun times.

First up: Thursday nights are for artsy-coolness, so after the tenant pub night at work, I met up with my cousin to check out our step-cousin's art store and a friend's art show opening.

Next: Fridays are for suckers. Leave work on time. Bike home. Take frozen dinner items out of freezer. Pick up car, loaded with boyfriend's bike. Pick up boyfriend. Drive to bike shop. Drive home. Make yummy new pasta dinner recipe (lemon pepper shrimp linguine). Have Sarah over for fun dinner. Drink lots of sweet wine.

Saturday: Wake up early because you can't sleep. Awesome. Make London Fog and read magazine. Duct cleaners arrive at 10:30am, a little late. Get them set up, wait for the boy to wake up. Go drop off empties, pick up the upholstery steam cleaner and Starbucks for two. Back in plenty of time to make breakfast and get the low-down the dirty dirty ducts and furnace. Seriously. We're talking full water bottles. Tile refuse. Generally lots of miscellaneous crap. Thanks CAPS. Great guys. Must write a review on them.

Steam-clean the couch and chairs. Sweat a lot. Shower and change. Drive to work to pick up camera and home again. Hop on the streetcar to the Ex to hear Clinton speak. Somewhat predictable and self-serving, but at least he's using his influence in a positive way. And my fave line on choosing your vocation: "If you have a choice, choose wisely." Think: passion. More browsing the Ex, which kinda sucks. Eat Ribfest Ribs and TinyToms. Home. Soak couch upholstery stains in stain remover. Second coat of steam cleaning. Return steam cleaner and do a few groceries. Bed.

Sunday: Wake up early. Make London Fog, read magazine. Parents arrive from airport to pick up car. Get a brief low-down on the trip. Handymen arrive to work on the fence. Make quick work of demo. Out to Home Depot to pick up posts. Drop off near bike shop to pick up fixed bike. Oh wait, it's not fixed. Boo. Walk home. Sigh. Plant ginormous plant-thing in a pot. Mourn destroyed garden you've worked so hard on. Some help on fence. Clean up. Head out for sushi pizza on the Danforth. Walk back. Invite neighbour over to do her laundry while you drink wine spritzer and trawl Craislist for the perfect chair.

Today my fence is still being worked on (although he's gone home hours ago, but he'll be back again tomorrow).

Tonight I work late, trying to get crap done. Now heading off to go pick up my bike (which IS fixed finally) before he closes so I can ride home and into work again tomorrow.

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