Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where have I been?

Yikes. How did this happen? How did three weeks go by without me posting my most life stories? (Beyond Facebook - so if you're not on Facebook or Twitter, you'd have no idea what was going on -- oh, the horrors!)

This is what happens when things get complicated. And busy. So where have I been?

July 24th. I was whisked off to a concert for The Walkmen, whom I didn't know until that night. (Enjoy the concert with me on YouTube here. And read the concert reviews here and here.) I was fed many, many drinks. And I was very drunk-assed.

July 25th. My birthday party/BBQ at my house. After much confusion and needless kerfuffle, I managed to get my favourite people at my house for my non-milestone anniversary of my birth. I wore a Burger King crown for the whole party, as suggested by my cousin and Raye. I ate a lot of ribs, some cheesecake and some ice cream sundae. Oh, and lovely wine. Happy Fattening Day to me!

July 26th. My actual birthday, Sunday. I decided to cancel the spa appointment that I'd had booked, just in case. I should have known better. This would have been the PERFECT way to spend my actual birthday. However, I did go for a lovely walk in my neighbourhood. And eat crappy food. And played on my computer. For some reason, I didn't post on my blog. Too busy relaxing, I guess. Had I only known what was coming next.

The week. It was a succession of working late, teaching, going out for birthday dinner, heading to Dream in High Park with workmates and friends to see "The Tempest", and then off for the long weekend on Friday. Hence the sitting-on-the-deck photo.

July 31-Aug 3. Long Weekend. We went to Sarah's dad's cottage. We got there via the Rama bus. For free. Yes, free. OK, it did take many many hours. But there was much long-weekend traffic to account for. And we got there. And I ate lots of really good food. And dranks lots of wine. And sat on the deck as much as I possibly could, convinced that it was going to cloud over at any minute. I read an entire Wired magazine and read several newspaper sections and got caught up in my journal. And we danced to Abba, Duran Duran, Boney M, Beatles, Beach Boys and Def Leopard in the living room. So fun. It was sad that it had to end. Eventually, Gordon went back to Toronto on the train (because he's a sally) and Sarah and I went back on the free bus (after gambling $5 on some adrenaline-filled slot time.)

The week. It all started off with Gordon's birthday and an Allen's burger. Of course. And then there was a Blue Jays game with colleagues and friends. And a night working late and a night out late with the boyfriend and his friends and some shocking news that really affected me more than it probably should.

Aug 8-9. Off to Kitchener-Waterloo. To visit the boyfriend's family. And pretend to love the rain. Walk in it. Check out the Blues Fest beer tent. Get my hair cut. Eat lots and lots and lots of food. And talk a lot. It was a very enlightening trip. I learned much. And I got a Hamster-Dance birthday card. What more could a girl want?!

Aug 10. Shopping. Since we need to go to a wedding and someone got lots of shoe-money for their birthday, and, previously, clothes money, it was time. One of us likes shopping. And one of us does not. But we found what we needed and we even ended up at my favourite Thai restaurant, Salad King, for dinner. Which I'd like to say was as good as ever, but it was actually disappointing. I'm hoping that it's not going downhill or else how will I ever replace those Islamic noodles?

Which brings us to today and working late. Until I decided to finally post a blog. Because really, you cannot work ALL the time. Even if you're going a bit cuckoo with thoughts of what you need to do. I edited some blogs. Edited some content. Tested some content management systems. Designed some pages. Posted some photos. Managed some communities. Briefly. Set up some photoshoots. Sat in some meetings finding out about more work that I have to do. And tried to figure out how I'm going to get this all done. Talked to my parents - for the first time in weeks - and set up some important plans.

And now? I'm going home to sleep. So I can do it all again tomorrow.

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