Monday, August 17, 2009

wedding number two

Gordon and I at Julie's wedding
It was the second wedding of wedding season. This time it was a friend from Gordon's lab, Julie.

And, damn, it was hot. But beautiful -- held at Ultra Supper Club's rooftop patio. And with amazing food (hello: medium rare perfect steak?! SWEET!)

Gordon had bought an outfit specifically for this wedding and abandoned it at the last minute due to ridiculous heat factors, settling on a white shirt and dress pants -- no tie or jacket.

I also abandoned a cute dress that I haven't worn in a while solely because it had sleeves. The dress in the picture also allowed for much venting, which was appreciated.

There was also an open bar which meant a lot of stupidity when it came to drink selection.

A very fun wedding. At which, of course, everyone was asking me and Gordon about our wedding. "What wedding?" I ask. I wonder who Gordon is marrying that everyone keeps asking him about it. It is fun to imagine what you might do, however. One thing that I must do: get our friend Phil (who introduced us) to be the iPod DJ. He was great! And, I'm sure, cheaper than most other DJ's out there.

The only sad part of the whole thing was the migraine I suffered afterwards (am suffering now). Really, why can't it be OK to have a few drinks once in a while without getting a killer migraine? Sigh. That'll teach me to have fun.

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