Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stained glass farm

Have you ever been to a stained glass farm? I have. Last weekend.

The Stonehouse of Campbellville. Totally the BEST place to go for stained glass in Ontario.

Yes, I know the photo here sucks, but bear with me.

We looked through racks and racks of refurbished or just reclaimed antique stained glass windows. I had a particular size in mind, for above my door. Because my house is so old, it just looks like it should have one. Many other houses in the area have them. Mine was boarded over. (Which is really just in line with many of the other EXCELLENT reno decisions made by previous owners).

So now it's time to bring it all back in line. It's art. But art that I can't take with me. So it meant I didn't want to spend TOO much. On top of it, I'm concerned about heat loss since I've been trying to properly insulate the stupid house since I got it. I don't want to make it worse just to install something pretty.

So I asked a lot of questions. I found a couple that were the right size. Picked the one I liked best (tough decision) and paid about $250. Now I just need to get it thermopaned which I've been assured is not that expensive. Know anyone who does that? Let me know.

(I KNOW I said I was taking a rest for the summer, but I had a car and wanted to take advantage of it while I could. I also went to IKEA last night but it was a total bust. I can't bring myself to buy throw-away stuff anymore. Thank God for Craigslist.)

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