Monday, December 01, 2008


So the electrical inspector isn't really playing to my tune.

He doesn't really care about my schedule and has given us his apparently EARLIEST appointment: Wednesday morning. Ya, I was supposed to move IN on Wednesday night. And while it may sound perfect, consider this domino effect:
  • we can't put in floors until after the drywall
  • we can't close up the walls (drywall) until after the electrical is inspected
Nevermind the whole CLEANING up part. And trust me, there is a LOT of clean-up.

I was of course visiting on the weekend. I think maybe I shouldn't have gone. I had a minor heart attack... or maybe a panic attack. At the very minimum, some buyer's remorse.
  • Water by the back door - I HOPE caused by the melting (now rotten/reeking) fridge/freezer food and not some leaking disaster sliding door
  • An even MORE dropped ceiling in the main rooms
  • A front hall closet that makes the front of the house look SMALL
  • A sloping sub-floor in the kitchen
  • A front hall light switch located on the OTHER side of the wall
  • A support beam leaning precariously half on the concrete of the basement floor and partially suspended in air.
And, wait, was that a water stain on the UPSTAIRS subfloor under the hall skylight? And a CRACK? Dear God, I hope not!

I left in a hurry, fretting all the way home. WHAT have I got myself into?

But I talked to my contractor today and he explained what they're working on and why things are the way they are and really, everything will be FINE.

Fine. They will be FINE. I must keep repeating it. Or I might throw up.

My hardwood floor, though it SAYS it's in-stock at Home Depot, is not actually in stock at ANY store in the GTA. So it's now ordered and will arrive in 3-4 days. So they should be able to get at LEAST the kitchen done before the kitchen has to go in. At least that arrived at Ikea today.

And I'm headed on vacation next week?

I'm leaving it in their hands.
It will be FINE.

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