Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tropical Paradise

Well, what can you say about a tropical paradise?

Clearly, it was beautiful. The sun shone a lot. There was a little bit of rain every day, if that makes you feel better. Also, I was sick the first day.

But I still returned with a tan. Everyone keeps stopping me: "dude - where WERE you? You are DARK!"

I didn't burn. I still love my boyfriend. (Maybe even more than before?) I know a LOT more about his brother. I snorkeled. I shopped. I wore a sarong and bikini a lot. I bought some stuff. I drank rum punch. I swam in the ocean. I was knocked down by some crazy waves. I got a LOT of mosquito bites. I ate some good food. I ate some meh food. I was married for an afternoon. I saw some crabs. I met some interesting people. I saw some lovely sites.

I want to go back.
Now. (I'm homeless anyway: might as well go back.)

I'm not SO upset about buying a timeshare afterall.

See more photos of the trip here >>

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