Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturdays can be so nice.

Wake up, read. Eat some fruit. Read.

Log into your computer and chat with long-distance friend over messenger.

Clean bathroom. Sort of.

Get a call from round-the-corner friend because she's "in the neighbourhood" walking her dog.

Check out my apartment before going for coffee. Decaf vanilla latte.

Walk through crunchy bright leaves, sit on church bench under the big tree and talk.

Drop off friend round the corner and continue on to buy bagels at the bakery.

Stop off at condo show centre and pick up brochure to read while eating (almost) perfect bagel.

View another condo show room.

Get ready to go out to downtown mate's birthday.
Flip through magazine, inspiring fashion envy while eating another bagel.

Consider walking to the birthday party as it's really nice out, but decide it would take over 2 hours and my feet would hurt before the night even began.

Consider it for tomorrow instead.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a gorgeous day? So gald you enjoyed it ! I noticed that it was nice through the windows. I was up at 7am while it was damn cold! dropped off the stuff I'd stayed up late to bake
(4 pies,1 cheesecake,2doz devilled eggs, jam & white elephant stuff) at the church bazaar at 8, went to the hospital, loaded all my crap, took it to the arena to set up. Wow do we have a nice professional display unit! Was there from 9-3...did a presentation, did countless blood sugars, talked to some nice Bantings etc
. Then I took the leftover food to the womens shelter & realized I was so friggin luckey...I could go home to a nice comfey place of my own with all the food i could eat.I brought in 4 large trays of sandiches, 1 of veggies & dip,& a huge one with fruit They made a great thank you card as I waited cause donations had been lean lately, so can't afford much variety to eat. They were so happy with my leftovers it was embaressing. I felt so humbled...why am I complaining just cause I could not enjoy the outside today. Besides, as it was a stat, I enjoyed it yesterday ..ran in the sun, took a liesurley stroll picking up recyclables, raked leaves til I ran out of containers..all in gorgeous crispy autumn air & bright sunlight. I am truley blessed!!!